Adventure Time: The Suitor

| May 14, 2014

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is one of the most consistently exciting and thoroughly cartoons I’ve ever seen, and one with a highly active and well-deserved fan following at that. You simply never know what to expect when you sit down for an episode of Adventure Time. Whether it be the appearance of otherworldly creatures that barf out wailing ghost heads, a horse that rolls around on a beach ball to cheer people up, or werewolves that just want to give you nice big hugs, the Adventure Time’s Land of Ooo doles out weirdness in spades. And the characters are every bit as irreverent as the world they inhabit. Who would guess, for example, that the peppermint candy man charged with finding Princess Bubblegum a suitor practices dark magic in his free time?

Not me. No sir! Would never see that one coming. What I do know well in advance, however, is that new releases of Adventure Time on home video find will find me chomping on the bit to get at a few more choice episodes. And here I am, holding the most recent release: Adventure Time: The Suitor, which collects another 16 weird and wild adventures in the Land of Ooo with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human. These random entries in the series from seasons two through five include feature Peppermint Butler’s quest to find P.B. a suitor as its centerpiece, but also notably includes a quest to find BMO’s birthplace (“Be More”) and glimpse into one of Finn’s past lives (“The Vault”).

Unlike the previous DVD release, Adventure Time: Jake the Dad, the episodes collected here don’t really require knowledge of the series’ loose continuity. Most are self-contained, while those that do expand on the broader Adventure Time throughline should make total sense after viewing the earlier episodes in the set (except for the Graybles, I suppose, which could seem odd out of context). This also means that if you’ve yet to get into Adventure Time, The Suitor would be a fine place to start. Unlike Adventure Time: Jake the Dad, though, this DVD doesn’t come with a spiffy hat. It is, however, considerably cheaper as a result. Still, a Peppermint Butler hat would have been cool.

Episodes featured on this release include:

  1. The Suitor
  2. James Baxter the Horse
  3. Shh!
  4. Another Five Short Graybles
  5. Wizards Only, Fool
  6. Be More
  7. Sky Witch
  8. The Vault
  9. Red Starved
  10. Hug Wolf
  11. Beyond This Earthly Realm
  12. King Worm
  13. Morituri Te Salutamus
  14. Heat Signature
  15. Blood Under the Skin
  16. Marceline’s Henchmen

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