Adventure Time: Jake the Dad

| September 10, 2013

I’m so happy to be writing about Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time right now because– full disclosure– I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I contend that it’s one of the most irreverent and brilliantly-plotted family-friendly cartoons ever produced. What’s more, not only can anything happen at any given moment in the series, but it does, and as such, you simply couldn’t guess what was coming up next if you tried.

Let’s look at a couple examples. In one episode, Finn the Human hopes to take his relationship with Flame Princess to the next level and heads over to her place for a date. Suddenly we cut to Jake the Dog in his kitchen randomly singing a (totally amazing) song about bacon pancakes (seriously, look it up). In another, Finn travels to Mars to save Jake from the King of Mars, only the King of Mars just so happens to be (or for no reason whatsoever look strikingly similar to) Abraham Lincoln. What makes the series so funny is that, in this way, virtually every line of dialogue, every image, every action is a joke. And because everything is a joke, all the jokes become throwaway jokes, which means Adventure Time ultimately rewards those viewers who watch extremely closely or even rewatch ad nauseum. And that describes my viewing habits to the T, resulting in my adoration of it.

Thus I was thoroughly excited to be able to take this opportunity to review Cartoon Network’s upcoming DVD release, Adventure Time: Jake the Dad, which collects 16 of the most terrifically funny episodes of the series I’ve yet to see. Among them are “Burning Low,” which features the “Bacon Pancakes” song, and “Jake the Dad,” in which Jake introduces Finn to his and Lady’s litter of Rainicorn-dog pups. In fact, “Jake the Dad,” as the title of this set indicates, serves as the centerpiece of this collection of 16 random episodes from the series’ fourth and fifth seasons.

With that in mind, if you’re new to the series, this is probably not the best place to start with Adventure Time, as it does display a loose continuity in which the characters and their relationships constantly evolve, even if there isn’t a narrative throughline per se. As a result, you’d be playing a hell of a lot of catch-up. Even I, who watch it whenever I can and have seen a fair number of episodes (though certainly not what I would call “a lot”) found myself looking up a couple things I missed along the way regarding character developments. For those familiar with the series, however, there are some great episodes here, and the DVD comes packaged with something that’ll make this purchase nearly impossible to resist: a Jake the Dog hat! And it’s not a cheap hat either. It’s solidly constructed, surprisingly warm, and most of all a bargain since you’ll be able to get the DVD and the hat together for under $20. Moreover, your kids will love it. My son claimed it for himself on first sight, which was simultaneously awesome and sad, because I had kind of hoped to keep it for myself. But what can you do? He looks much better in it than I do anyway.

Coming to DVD on September 17, 2013, Adventure Time: Jake the Dad collects the following episodes:
1. Jake the Dad
2. Burning Low
3. Gotcha!
4. Sons of Mars
5. BMO Noire
6. The Hard Easy
7. I Remember You
8. All the Little People
9. Mystery Dungeon
10. All Your Fault
11. Five More Short Graybles
12. Vault of Bones
13. Simon & Marcy
14. Puhoy
15. One Last Job
16. BMO Lost

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