Time Team: Unearthing the Roman Invasion

| May 17, 2012

Now available in a 3 volume DVD box set from Acorn Media.

Time Team: Unearthing the Roman Invasion is an intelligent, well-executed, and absorbing piece of history television. Even if you have only the slightest interest in history, Time Team will suck you in. Tony Robinson’s narration is so full of enthusiasm you have no choice but to become invested in the show and its outcomes. The cast of archeologists and experts all lend their own individual personalities to the mix, which works to make the show all the more interesting and their digs so fulfilling and successful.

The twelve episodes are gathered from series two through eighteen (1995-2011) and placed in this box set. The premise of the show is that the Time Team is given three days in which to dig a site and see if they can find out what is buried deep beneath the top soil. The days are filled with ups, downs, and many curves as the evidence is unearthed. There are times when it is obvious, even to the laymen, that what they are unearthing is important and beautiful. From amazingly preserved coins to inscriptions that are extremely rare. The unfortunate aspect of the time restriction is that you are left with the earning to learn more about how much more there is to learn from the archaeology of the site.

As the series progresses you will find yourself able to notice pieces of archaeology in the ground. This comes from the fact that the aspects of the archeology are fully explained in ways everyone can understand. If the explanation seems a little too academic, Robinson is there to ask questions and help to clarify what is being unearthed as well as its implications about the history of Roman Britain.

The love of history that Robinson has is evident in his narration. He become excited and at times impatient wanting to know as much about the digs and finds as possible. You will see him running from trench to trench trying to get all the information that he possibly can. He keeps you enthralled even if the trenches are coming up empty during parts of the show. Robinson is able to keep all the aspects of the digs, finds, and reconstructions throughout the show in an easy to follow logical manner.

Time Team: Unearthing the Roman Invasion includes twelve episodes. “Tockenham” begins with a distinctly roman statue on the side of a church. In “Birdoswald Exhumation” the time team goes to a section of Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. “Greenwich” looks at a clump of stones that are grouped together with a sign above them stating that they are Roman remains. “Ancaster” sees the time team investigating why a defensive wall was built in the modern town of Lincolnshire. “Alfoldean” investigates the remains of a Roman mansion. “Binchester” is the site of an already excavated Roman fort, the time team will look at the surrounding area. “Wickenby” is a field in rural Lincolnshire with a ton of Roman artifacts. “Coberley Villa” unearths a huge villa. “Friars Wash” sees the time team finding something they had been in search of for fifteen years. “Caerwent” in south Wales has the time team called in to help fill in the holes of a Roman settlement. “Cunetio” is one of the biggest investigations the time team takes on. And “High Ham” puts the team in the middle of a British army firing range! Along with these episodes the set also includes a sixteen page viewer’s guide. The viewer’s guide has a map of Roman Britain as well as articles including information about Britain before the Romans, the history of Britannia, Roman roots in London and York, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Anglo-Saxon invasion. Also included are biographies of the Time Team members.

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