The Night Before the Night Before Christmas

| November 20, 2010


It’s not even Christmas yet, and Hallmark is rolling out the holiday made-for-TV movies. This weekend they’re rolling out the premiere of their newest movie The Night Before the Night Before Christmas starring Jennifer Beals. If you’re looking for a fun, cheap way for the family to spend a few hours the weekend before the mad holiday rush starts, this is it.

This is probably our best look at behind-the-scenes at the Santa Claus organization ┬ásince the bearded one fell off Tim Allen’s roof. This time, the held elf, Nigel (Jordan Prentice), makes a huge error and sends Santa Claus (R.D. Reid) off for his yearly duty one night early. It’s the night before Christmas Eve.

Young Toby Fox (Gage Munroe) is busy trying to get things ready for Christmas, but can’t seem to interest anyone else in his family. His teenage sister, Hannah (Rebecca Williams), is too busy talking on the phone, mom Angela (Beals) is too busy with her photography work, and dad Wayne (Rick Roberts) just got home from the office and continues working even at home. Toby heads outside with a box of donations for a charity and makes a wish on a shooting star to spend more time with his family on Christmas. His family is so busy, they don’t even have a tree or any decorations.


Later there’s huge noise coming from the roof of the Fox home. Going out to investigate, the family finds a man dressed as Santa who is very confused, who has fallen off their roof. It’s of course “the” Santa Claus, but he doesn’t remember who he is. Toby believes he’s the real Santa Claus, but the others in his family obviously don’t believe in Christmas even, let alone Santa, and figure he is a department store Santa.

Nigel shows up to rescue Santa, but Santa not only doesn’t know who he is, but can’t even remember the correct route for Christmas Eve. Finding the sleigh and reindeer outside, the Foxes are still unconvinced this is the real Santa. Nigel is upset to find out Santa’s special red sack of toys is missing. It was mistakenly picked up by the donation truck, and they need to find the bag and get Santa to regain his memory in order to save Christmas.

The movie has the same theme as The Santa Clause, a well as most other Christmas movies. It’s a matter of getting someone to believe in not just Santa Claus, but Christmas as a whole. This particular one illustrates even more how busy we are as families that we put so many things on the back burner, that we even forget what should be the most important, family.

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas premieres on The Hallmark Channel on November 20, or the night before the night before November 22.

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