Storage Wars – Volume 3

| July 17, 2012

The entire Storage Wars gang is back for 16 more episodes from their second season collected on this 2 disc DVD set.  With these new episodes comes the all too familiar egos we’ve come to know and [love?], but in fairness, the show does make an attempt to keep their audience intrigued enough to come along for the ride.  Not sure if they’re simply editing out some of the heightened conflict we saw in volume 2 (where Jarrod Schulz and Dave Hester nearly get into a fist fight before an auction), but after a few episodes, this volume plays more like a game show than a war documentary.  Yes, the “storage warriors” still delight in making each other over-pay for lockers, but it’s much less devious (for the most part) in this collection of episodes.

In addition to the refreshing change in tone here, the show also takes some time to create some narrative for the characters.  The principle arc for the season has been Jarrod and Brandi expanding their second-hand store, and the strain on their relationship that has caused.  The other characters’ lives remain a complete mystery, but this little bit of human interest gives this season a little more depth than we’re used to seeing.

As usual, the true appeal of the series is the crazy stuff these guys stumble onto in these storage lockers.  Highlights this season include safes full of treasure, antique plinko machines, and a 1980s electric face massager.  And as always, the more surprising thing is what these random pieces of treasure are worth to their new owners.

Barry Weiss remains as entertaining as ever.  As the oldest and seemingly least experienced member of the group (I think Jarrod Schulz actually has less experience turning lockers, but Barry never seems to learn from his mistakes), Barry’s wealth and flare for entertaining get him into some trouble this season.  In previous seasons, Barry has enlisted the help of psychics, and stilts to help give him an edge over his competition, but this season he employs a man with a radio controlled helicopter to fly into the lockers and look what’s inside via a wireless video camera.  And yes, this is against the rules of the auction – a lesson Barry is forced to learn the hard way.  Still, Barry’s luck is with him this season, as he seems to find something unique and valuable in even the dirtiest lockers.  Highlights include some antique chicken goggles, and some old fly traps which turn a $2.50 locker into a staggering profit.  Not to mention, he finds an old drum set which actually belonged to the band Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Special features on the DVD consist of English and Spanish subtitles, and some bonus footage.

Available on DVD from A&E on July 17

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