Posted: 05/10/2004


Sex and the City on TBS

by Anna Keizer

Sex and the City finds a home on TBS beginning June 15th.

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Ever since Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda said good-bye to the American public last February, millions of fans have been trying in vain to ignore their Sex and the City hunger pangs. Well, there’s no need to deny yourself any longer. TBS has got your fix.

Beginning June 15, the cable station will be the place to watch the beloved show. They’ll kick things off by airing over five nights ten of the most memorable episodes from Sex and the City. Then starting June 22, TBS will air in order every episode from the series’ six-year run. Two episodes will air back-to-back each week in prime time on Tuesdays then encore the following night. Carrie and the rest of the gang will be back for fifteen months before leaving TBS for syndication.

A huge hit from the beginning, Sex and the City struck a chord with how the show approached its major themes of sex and friendship with such frankness and humor. Now for those of you worried about how a show with such, ahem, adult themes could make it to commercial television, have no fear. The savvy creators of Sex and the City filmed alternate versions of racier scenes so that the inherent irreverent appeal of our four New York heroines would not be lost. So that said, will I be ready and waiting to catch up with the girls June 15? Absolutely.

Or as Mr. Big would say… “Well, you get the picture.”

Anna Keizer is a writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

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