Secret Life of Birds: The Complete Series

| May 1, 2012

Now available from the BBC and Mill Creek Entertainment.

Secret Life of Birds: The Complete 5-part Series is a look into the birds living in Wales. Each episode lasts thirty minutes and takes a look at the different aspects of how birds survive in their habitat , whether in the wild or along side the humans. The series looks at the different physical aspects of birds, such as their beaks, feet, camouflage, and wings and how they use these aspects in order to survive. The series also looks at the birds’ behaviors, like nesting, singing, mating, and feeding.

Secret Life of Birds is a captivating thirty minutes. The wildlife photography is full of bold colors, sharp images, and smooth movement. This photography helps to give the feel of the birds in the wild, through the fluid movement and beautiful up close shots of the birds. Because of this you not only learn more about the ways in which birds live on a daily basis, but you also feel as if you are moving along with them. This camera work is one of the best aspects of the show.

The episode pertaining to the mating rituals of the Welsh birds is by far the most interesting and entertaining. Watching the ways in which the male birds vie for the females attention is not only gorgeous but also down right entertaining. The colors and movements of the birds is captivating. During this and the other episodes,the narration is done in such a way as to be informative but not so overpowering as to take away from the images of the birds. There are times when he just allows the audience to watch the birds perform. This gives the audience a chance to enjoy the behavior of the birds.

The biggest drawback of the show is its time frame. The information seems rushed at times in order to get in all the images of the different birds that are being shown in each episode. Perhaps a longer time frame, such as one hour, would have allowed for a more in-depth view of the different birds. There are times when the footage and information seems rushed and you are left wanting more.

With the short time frame aside, Secret Life of Birds is a documentary series worth the collection of animal and bird lovers or anyone who wants to learn more about wildlife in the world today. The modern time period for information makes it feel as if you can relate to the birds. They are not in a far reach of the world where no human dares to travel, they are just in the Welsh backyard.

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