Posted: 06/08/2004


Outback Jack

by Joe Clary

TBS delves into the very funny world of reality TV.

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TBS is concerned with bringing love to the world and their new experiment in reality TV, Outback Jack, proves just that. Premiering at 9pm (ET/PT) on June 22, Outback Jack explores how love is bound to blossom when you drop 12 beautiful and pampered American women from a plane in the middle of the Australian interior and give them Vadim Dale, or Jack, as their dependable guide and hunky love interest.

The launching of Outback Jack coincides with the new TBS branding of ‘TBS Very Funny’ and is seen as a “vital link” in their comedy chain of Seinfeld, Friends and other network sitcom reruns. Most of the comedy in the show stems from this fish out of water concept of city girls being in the wilderness. This is supposed to result in plenty of unexpected twists and turns but mainly results in a lot of squealing, complaining and insulting each other’s wardrobe.

TBS went to the best for its new show, producer Bruce Nash, the man that brought the world the Reality TV hits Meet My Folks, For Love or Money and Who Wants to Marry My Dad? Outback Jack seems to be on track to be just as good as those shows, with its choice casting of prissy, uncultured women who never seem to be at a loss for classic lines, “I hate the outback. It sucks. Someone should just burn it down and build a mall.”

It’s because of these women and the casting of Vadim Dale, who is an accomplished mountain climber, triathlete, outdoor survivalist and seems to be a genuinely good and caring person, that TBS might be failing in their attempt to bring two lovers together. None of these women seem like they would be of any intellectual interest to Vadim and unlike the recent Bachelor, Jesse Palmer, he doesn’t seem primarily interested in the physical attributes the girls have to offer.

Since the girls can’t rely on their make up, blow driers and clean clothes they must instead prove their worth to Outback Jack by competing in a series of different wilderness challenges that push them to their gross-out limits. Thankfully they have chances to redeem themselves on their private dates in Jack’s tent and with the all the opportunities the girls have to strip down to their bikinis and splash around in the water. TBS might finally have a hit on their hand with this twist on the classic Reality TV formula of women doing anything and everything for a man they don’t know but this time it all takes place in the rough and rugged Australian Outback.

Joe Clary is a freelance writer for television and film.

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