Posted: 02/16/2012


New Tricks - Series 6


by Caress Thirus

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Sandra, Brian, Jack, and Gerry are back for the sixth season of New Tricks. Brian has finally agreed, for the sake of keeping his beloved Esther, to check himself into an intervention center and face his alcoholism. But when he discovers mysterious secrets about the place, he is joined by his fellow cold case workers to put the pieces of the puzzle together (all under his wife’s nose, of course).

There’s some pretty believable dialogue throughout the entire show, though it is not without the few catch phrases required of all cop “dramedies”. Only a few times does the witty banter border on cheesy. New Tricks also does a good job of including non-related material into the show so that it seems more believable. For instance, the episode “Blood is Thicker than Water,” features a side story about Brian and Esther and their love for yo-yo tricks.

The show drags at times, but the twists and turns so common to crime dramas for make up for it. Some episodes are more humorous, while others are more suspenseful. There seems to be a new camera technique in every episode, whether it’s an unusual angle or a sudden zooming-in. Some episodes are more interesting than others, as are the characters.

Naturally, since the UCOS consists of retired cops (with the exception of Sandra), these “old dogs” have to learn some new tricks. Many of their supervisors at the Metropolitan Police Service are younger cops who used to work under the retirees. There’s a lot of sneaking around and undercover, and sometimes it leads to sticky situations. The crew’s investigations take them everywhere from meat markets to monasteries to movie sets, but no matter how wild their adventures, they always come out on top.

The problem with cold cases? Sometimes there’s no longer a crime scene. Sometimes, suspects are dead or locked away on other charges, or have changed their names. Fortunately, the members of UCOS are witty, and have a talent for gathering long dispersed suspects.

New Tricks is reminiscent of several American crime dramas, such as CSI, Cold Case, and Criminal Minds, but it still manages to stay original. It’s complex; each character has personal problems, as well as their problems at work. The stars of the show are also pretty great actors, as are the most of the flat characters. The endings are a bit sudden and the theme song gives the show a bit of a juvenile edge, but it’s a pretty solid drama either way, and will probably continue to air for many more seasons.

Caress Thirus is a film lover from Chicago, IL. A recent graduate of Roosevelt University, she enjoys indie films, foreign films, and clever psychological thrillers.

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