Posted: 03/21/2009


Law and Order:Criminal Intent

by Elaine Hegwood Bowen

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Law and Order: Criminal Intent returns to the USA Network this spring with the grand addition of Academy-Award and Emmy nominee Jeff Goldblum, starring as Det. Zack Nichols.
Goldblum is just as quirky as ever, as he interrogates suspects, having them second-guess what they have just told him.
Goldblum teams up with Julianne Nicolson who plays Det. Megan Wheeler. This duo joins the returning team made up of Vincent D’Onofrio, as Det. Robert Goren, and Kathryn Ebe, who plays Det. Alex Eames. These four comprise the majority of the Major Case Squad that is micro-managed by returning Capt. Danny Ross, played by Eric Bogosian.
Law and Order: Criminal Intent is different from other cop/crime shows in that it leans heavily on psychological pressure to force suspects to “fess up” and divulge their criminal behavior.
Goldblum has had intriguing roles in Jurassic Park, The Fly, Independence Day, among other movies.
While there are many Law and Order series with different disciplines on television, Criminal Intent has always been one of my favorites, partly because of D’Onofrio. I believe the match up between he and Goldblum will certainly win draw a new legion of fans to the show.
They are both quirky, and quirky works well when you’re dealing with conniving, back-stabbing, elusive criminals. What’s needed is someone thinking like the criminal and delving deep into the criminal psyche, and that’s where Law and Order: Criminal Intent stands out. During interrogations and even during regular investigative scenes D’Onofrio to a fault, sometimes, gently tears into the suspect to get to where he needs to go to solve the case.
In one scene with new crew member Goldblum, a female victim has been implicated in an associate’s death, and he goes off the radar, pretending to be so pissed off, snapping at the woman during interrogation. With a few measured twists and turns, the details of the murder finally come together and to the suspect’s surprise, Goldblum makes a smooth arrest just as she’s settling in for a flight out of the country.
Law and Order: Criminal Intent is scheduled to return on the USA Network April 19. Check your local listings.

Elaine Hegwood Bowen is a veteran public relations and journalism professional and former journalism professor. She’s publicist for her daughter, Hip-Hop artist Psalm One. A native Chicago South Sider, Elaine was a recent University of Maryland Bio Ethics, Health Disparities & Clinical Trials Fellow and winner of a Black Press Messenger Award.

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