| October 1, 2010

The fifth season of Iconoclasts is warmly welcomed by the meetings of the following artists: Cate Blanchett + Tim Flannery, Hugh Jackman + Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Charlize Theron + Jane Goodall, and Lenny Kravitz + Lee Daniels. What makes this show great is the ability to see these people not as musicians or actors but rather as uniquely fascinating and intriguing individuals. The celebrity is washed away and a true insight into the person is shown with clarity, ironically creating more interest in them by doing so.
Theron travels to Africa to visit one of Goodall’s chimpanzee rescue camps, and also to the non-profit organization Theron started in South Africa to help educate teens about sexual health. A truly meaningful portrait of two powerful women. Blanchett and Flannery talk about the issues of climate change and how it affects their native Australia, and ways that their respective professions can help to stop the spread of further damage. Kravitz and Daniels are actually close friends, and examine the intertwining roles their lives have had together, particularly through Daniels’ whirlwind success after directing the film “Precious”. Finally, Jackman and Vongerichten have also had a previous friendship and marvel at each other and their mastery of their professions.
This show, since season one, has provided a method with which the audience can have a glimpse into the real lives of these artists, learn about who they are, but more importantly, about what drives their passion for what they do. The fifth season of Iconoclasts on the Sundance Channel is a must-see!

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