Posted: 11/10/2009


History Channel Presents WWII In HD

by Michael J. Nicholas

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Riveting. That’s the best word to describe the fully restored footage regarding the History Channel’s new 10-part mini-series, ‘WWII In HD’. Premiering November 15th, at 9PM/8C, Gary Sinise lends his voice to narrate this 5-night, extraordinary piece of documentary film-making. Visually amazing, the History Channel set forth on a comprehensive search for full-color, archival footage taken from over 3,000 hours of film, some of which has never been viewed by the public. Additionally, a powerful Dolby ‘soundscape’ is matched in order to compliment and reinforce the visuals.

The series encompasses journals, diaries and interviews that follow 12 Americans throughout the war. Most of the accounts are garnered from newer interviews, original sources and voice-overs from some of Hollywood’s modern talent. A few names include: Rob Lowe, LL Cool J, Steve Zahn, Ron Livingston, Jason Ritter and Amy Smart.

Although amazing and informative, the series is intense and not for the faint of heart. An extreme amount of human carnage and suffering is shown and told, sometimes even making a horror movie fanatic such as myself cringe at times. ‘WWII In HD’ covers the full spectrum of the war- from the rise of Nazi Germany and invasion of Poland, to the dropping of America’s new secret weapon, the A-Bomb, which culminated in the surrender of Japan and an end to the largest war in world history.

This made-for-cable documentary has the dramatic feel of a Hollywood feature. I was literally in awe learning about the magnitude of certain battles and how America rose to supremacy after starting the war with just the 17th largest army in the world(behind Romania for gods-sake). If you’re like me and can’t stand some of the History Channel’s latest programs such as, ‘Ice Road Truckers’, ‘Nostradamus 2012’, ‘Pawn Stars’ and ‘Axe Men’, you’ll be thrilled to know they’re back with pure excellence. So, starting Nov. 15th, turn on the tube and get ready for a lesson in History.

Michael J. Nicholas - a.k.a. Nicky The Note - reviews, opinions & life lessons.

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