Posted: 10/22/2008


Cities of the Underworld – Season Three Premiere


by Rick Villalobos

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The season three premiere of the History Channel series, Cities of the Underworld: City of Blood will air Sunday, October 26. Don Wildman will delve down farther into the earth as he explores the crevices of London. A city of secrets that was once the home to the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper, London is a metropolis with a history that is intertwined by three elements: fact, myth and legend. The premier will give us a quick and spooky look into the ghosts that still remain their kicking and screaming for a way out.

November 2nd, Cities of the Underworld: Tunnels of Hell will search underneath the country of Okinawa. The United States naval armada invaded the Japanese island in 1945 resulting in a battle with a body count of thousands. Walking through the subterranean tunnels and bunkers, we will discover what it was like to be stuck underground fighting a war. Wow, this is great stuff.

Season three promises more of the same—a fun and fascinating perspective without all the answers. Yes, planet earth is a mysterious place. While the people at the History Channel ask more questions, the universe will continue to grow into a bigger phenomenon, making this world more difficult to understand. And that’s why this series works. Cities of the Underworld will shed light onto the darkest corners of the world revealing the clues that may help put together the pieces of the past.

Fans will revel in the dark. Cities of the Underworld will have another successful season. The inquisitive minds at the History Channel will be happy people. And I – will probably dig a whole in the backyard—hopefully, to discover an opening to an underground city and not a leaking septic tank. Watch, enjoy and maybe pick up a shovel.

November 9th — Cities of the Underworld: The Real Mafia Underground (Sicily)
November 16th — Cities of the Underworld: Las Vegas

Rick Villalobos is a writer and film critic in Chicago.

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