Character Approved: Honoring 12 Cultural Trailblazers

| March 8, 2011

A few years back USA Network started recognizing their niche in the entertainment world. They tagged their entertainment efforts as “characters welcome.” The network realized what their own brand of entertainment across shows such as Burn Notice and Royal Pains had character as well as interesting characters. Through this, the network created the Character Approved Awards.
This year, USA Network is presenting the third annual Character Approved Awards. The awards are being presented to twelve “trailblazers” who are creating their own mark on culture, just as USA Network is doing. These awards go across the board, from art to architecture to fashion to new media to theatre.
The network will air the Character Approved: Honoring 12 Cultural Trailblazers Documentary on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. at 11 PM ET, just after the season finale of yet another character-enriched series, White Collar. The documentary includes a series a interviews with the twelve honorees as they discuss their contributions to art and culture and what has made an impression on their characters throughout their lives.
The twelve honorees are:

Architecture –Walter Hood
Art – Vik Muniz
Design – Emily Pilloton
Fashion – Prabel Gurung
Film – Davis Guggenhim (An Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for Superman)
Food – Grant Achatz
Giving – Blake Mcoskie
Music – Janelle Monáe
New Media – Dennis Crowley & Naveen Selvadural (foursquare)
Theatre – Lily Rabe
Writing – Nicole Krauss

Tune into this documentary to find out just why these twelve artists were labeled as “trailblazers” in the cultural world.

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