Burn Notice, Mid-Season Premiere on USA

| November 12, 2010


When last we saw Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), it wasn’t looking good. He was seen bleeding on the half season finale of Burn Notice, and not just a little. It looked like the end for him. Yet knowing the second half of the season was starting in November gave us hope for the likelihood of his survival. We had a good feeling that we’d be seeing him again alive and well at some point.

It turns out we were right. On the half season premiere, Michael is seen in the hospital, and being tended to by Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar). It turns out she and Sam (Bruce Campbell) had all the same fears we had. They thought he was a goner as well. And of course, the most worried for Michael was probably his mom, Madeline (Sharon Gless).

Not that Michael gets any time off to lick or heal his wounds. He’s right back in the thick of it. A lawyer has arranged a bombing, and not just one. He hires a mad bomber to create several bombs and place them all around town, targeting members of a local gang. Michael pretends to be a a “fan” of the bomber to infiltrate the circle and find out where the bombs are.

In the end, it turns out just the same as any Burn Notice episode. It occurred to me while watching this one that while the relationship between Michael and his mom always seems like it’s secondary to the storyline, maybe there’s more to it than that. Not only does she seem to keep him grounded, it also seems to be where he gets his strength from.

From the beginning, Madeline has been upset about about Michael’s line of work. She’s never been fond of it, and has slowly learned more of what it entails. Now she is more comfortable and more understanding, but being that this is her son, she’s still not happy about it. Isn’t that What Michael too has been finding? He wasn’t sure who burned him to begin with and has never been happy with it, but has slowly come to understand his predicament and work with it.

Mother and son present a very interesting parallel here in the fourth season.

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