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Alien Raiders

Rated R


Sometimes that which you see is only the beginning. And sometimes it takes a team of heavily armed sociopaths holding you hostage in a grocery store to see the world for what it really is.

That’s the basic concept of Alien Raiders, our review target this go-round. And it’s a downright doozy too, kids.

In Alien Raiders, that team of heavily armed sociopaths I described before is touring the country looking for…something. It’s not exactly clear just what it is that they’re looking for, but it’ll steadily become clearer that what they’re hunting is a race of aliens that inhabit human bodies. They seize a grocery store, believing their quarry to be contained inside, and discovering that they’re quite right. The things they want ARE in the grocery store, and they’re not happy that they’ve been discovered.

I have to hand it to Alien Raiders for bringing a whole lot of intrigue into their proceedings. They reveal things just a little bit at a time, doing a pretty good job of tension building, something that’s entirely too rare these days. The entirety of the story won’t be revealed via exposition until almost the very end, and that’s not something that’s often done either.

Speaking of which, the ending features a pretty big surprise that’s downright out of nowhere. Seriously, it’s really something else and demands to be seen. It’s good stuff.

The special features include English and Spanish language tracks, English, French and Spanish subtitles, a making of featurette, a special effects featurette, a couple of small featurettes giving background on the various story bits like what exactly Spooky’s job is, a bit of fun called the Whitney Cam and trailers for Alien Raiders, Believers, Otis, Rest Stop, Rest Stop 2 and Sublime.

All in all, I’m pretty well pleased with Alien Raiders. It’s a great blend of science fiction and action with a few good thrills thrown in to keep things moving along. It’s hard not to be pleased with a movie that does its job pretty well, and keeps its viewers happy. For anyone out there who’s into anything I just listed, this one will be a welcome addition to your must-watch list.

Steve Anderson is a film critic who collects action figures so he can dress them up as his favorite horror villains. He lives somewhere in the United States.

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