Posted: 11/10/2010


Psych Season 5.5 Premiere, November 10


by Laura Tucker

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This Wednesday is the half season five premiere of Psych, starring James Roday and Dule Hill. When last we saw the duo, Roday’s character was professing his love for Juliet (Maggie Lawson), but she nonetheless left at the end of the episode with Declan (Nestor Carbonell). At question on this next episode is where all this goes.

Cary Elwes makes his return as Despereaux in the half season premiere of Psych. In a recent Q&A, Roday mentioned they had even more fun with him the second time around. He finds Elwes to be “an all-around good guy and very funny in the episode.” Despereaux is being extradited to the U.S., and beforehand puts in a request to see Shaun and Gus and uses them to escape. While he’s out, he gets framed, and needs Shaun and Gus to prove this is one crime he didn’t commit. As far as what happens with Shawn and Juliet, Roday just tells us to stay tuned, as it’ll be addressed soon enough.

There’s plenty to be excited about throughout the remainder of the season. Guest stars include Ralph Macchio, Mena Suvari, Tony Cox, Jacob Vargas, Keshia Knight Pullman, and Ally Sheedy makes a return to finish up the Yin and Yang Trilogy. Also on will be the Twin Peaks cast, many of them reuniting for the first time in fifteen to twenty years. Roday admits that was him being a fan boy, as Twin Peaks was his favorite show of all time. They’ll also do a Police Academy episode and Christmas episode based on It’s a Wonderful Life.

These episodes will join the impressive lot of seasons from previous episodes. I asked Dule and James what episodes they’d want on a “Best of Psych Week,” should USA ever decide to do that. Dule didn’t think one a day would be enough, since there are so many of them. Yet if he could include just one, he’d want to include the “American Duos” episode from season two for the reason of “being able to sing ‘Shout’ and dress up like Roland Orzabal and Michael Jackson.” James goes back to season two as well, wanting to see the Spanish telenovela episode included, remembering it as being “the most fun I’ve ever had on set.”

They like to have fun on interviews as well. They still play the straight man and funny guy roles offscreen it seems. Asked about their ultimate dream adventures, Dule is thinking the Amazon, but James doesn’t want to mess with “insects that are bigger than my dogs.” He’d rather be running around doing “high-end espionage stuff,”and be in “Europe and then I’m also somehow I’m in Morocco and then I’m back in the States and then I’m in Russia and I’ve got all kinds of cool money …”

In talking about season six, James promises a vampire episode, and Dule jokes, “I have a feeling Gus will have a chance to say, “Oh, Sookie.” They’ve also been talking about doing a musical episode, as well as a baseball-themed one. James figures maybe Larisa Oleynik could bring her character from the werewolf episode back, and notes “She got to wear a nose ring. Not that many people who come on site can say that.”

James and Dule play so well off each other and have gotten to know each other so well after five seasons, but there are still some things they don’t know. Their first season filming in Vancouver, Dule took James to a benefit Diana Krall was throwing, and he got to meet President Clinton, but it wasn’t James’ first time meeting a president. He met President Jimmy Carter when he was young. James, as a native of San Antonio, didn’t know that Dule actually shot a basketball on the court at the San Antonio Spurs arena.

Watch the half season premiere of Psych November 10 on USA.

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