Posted: 02/10/2010


Leverage, Two-Part Season Finale Feb. 10 & 17 On TNT


by Laura Tucker

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It seems like the second half of the season just started again on Leverage. Nevertheless, the two-part finale begins this week. For the second half of the season we’ve been without Gina Bellman, with Jeri Ryan filling in for her. It would seem watching this finale, that Ryan’s part was only temporary, and Bellman is on her way back with the next season.

Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton) seems to be finally figuring it out that Sophie (Bellman) isn’t looking to come back in the same role she was before, as his platonic confidante. She’s been trying to tell him ever since she left that she wants him to admit that he needs her, and not that the team needs her.

As the episode starts with her ignoring his calls once again, a local cop, one that often helped Nate with cases and vice versa, is gunned down. Nate and the team know it wasn’t just a normal hit, and suspect someone well-connected performed the hit. They set their sites on the mayor (Richard Kind), with Nate and Tara (Ryan) posting as big time real estate developers looking to donate to the mayor’s campaign. He seems to fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

The team finds out the mayor has a controlling interest in the local baseball team, so Nate and Tara convince him they changed their mind about donating and are now looking to lure the baseball team away from the town and build a baseball stadium. For this they need a plant on the team, and have Eliot (Christian Kane) pose as a scab catcher spying on the team. They want it known that they’re trying to steal it to lure the mayor in, forcing him to try to bring them down the same way they believe he took down the cop.

This week’s episode ends with a cliffhanger and wraps up next week, ending the season. With it, it looks like Ryan is ending her stay as well, which is a shame. Not that I don’t like Bellman, I just appreciate Ryan more in her role. Bellman is Nate’s heart, and he surely needs her, but it seems the show needs Ryan who kept it a little lighter and add some decent star power alongside Hutton. I’ll keep hoping they figure out a way to possibly keep both.

Laura Tucker is the webmaster of Reality Shack and its accompanying Reality Shack Blog, provides reviews at Viewpoints, and provides entertainment news pieces at Gather. She is also an Associate Instructor and 2nd dan black belt in tae kwon do with South Elgin Martial Arts. Laura can be reached at

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