Posted: 03/31/2010


In Plain Sight Season Premiere On USA March 31


by Laura Tucker

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The one thing I really want to know this season on In Plain Sight, we don’t come any closer to finding out. I want to know if Mary (Mary McCormack), who resisted commitment for so long with Raph (Cristián de la Fuente), is finally going to commit to him. It was seeming like she would, after she came clean with him, telling him about her job.

What we do find out about is the shooting that left Mary shot in the abdomen at the end of last season. She’s okay, but is having trouble remembering the details surrounding the shooting. It’s strange to her, as that’s part of who she is as a U.S. Marshall. She always remembers every little detail, including what her father was wearing right before he walked out on the family when she was a kid.

Mary comes home after the shooting to find the delightful surprise that her home has finally been fixed up after being damaged the year before when she was arrested. Everything else seems the same, and some things might be too much the same. Although her sister Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) is still with Peter (Joshua Malina), she keeps taking myseriously private phone calls as we can’t help but wonder if she’s back to her old tricks.

Marshall (Frederick Weller) is on the trail to find out who shot Mary, but keeps coming up with dead ends. Mary, as is her usual, is back on the job, probably much too soon. She can’t help but join in on a case that involves the first two witnesses she and Marshall put into Witsec together.

A criminal (Donnie Wahlberg) who robbed trucks was put into witness protection with his teenage son. When similar robberies are happening again, they don’t want to think it’s him, but all the factors fit. The crime looks identical to the ones he used to pull, yet he has an alibi through his son. Once the alibi falls through because of the son’s own activities, everything looks worse and worse for them.

Through it all, In Plain Sight continues to do what it always does for us. It gives us that drama to solve, as well as enough humor to keep us going. Especially fun is Marshall questioning a witness to the shooting of Mary. He shows up with coffee and doughnuts for him, threatening that guy’s image on the street. It also gives us the relationship drama. While we don’t reach anythng more with Mary and Raph, we do get more of her family drama as she and Brandi bond over details of their dad, and Jinx (Lesley Ann Warren) continues to grow more uncomfortable with Mary’s secretive job.

Watch the season premiere of In Plain Sight March 31 on USA.

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