Posted: 07/15/2009


Dark Blue Premiere On TNT


by Laura Tucker

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I have to admit I love a televised drama that plays out like an action movie, and when it’s a weekly series, not just a movie of the week, it’s all the better. Dark Blue is one of those types of series that leaves us with that feeling with its undercover cops, FBI, murderous bad guys, guns, and drugs. What more could you want?

Dylan McDermott stars as Carter Shaw, a cop who has worked so many different beats and been around to to know the criminal world almost better than the criminals. He runs a group of other like-minded cops that do anything they need to to get the job done. They’re so undercover, even the FBI and the other cops don’t know who they are or even that their group exists.

The star of Carter’s team appears to be Ty Curtis (Omari Hardwick). What makes his job harder than the others is that he’s married. Not only does he have to go weeks at a time with no contact with his wife, he also has other women included in his undercover work. It doesn’t always seem just part of his job, though. On the contrary, Dean Bendis (Logan Marshall-Green), doesn’t have any social ties and puts so much of himself into his undercover work that the others begin to question whether he’s starting to flip to the bad side or not. Jaimie Allen (Nicki Aycox) is the newbie, chosen because of her colorful past. While she doesn’t agree with everything that goes on, she doesn’t want to go back to being a traffic cop.

The theme so far throughout the first couple of episodes is that you can only be undercover for so long, before you start to go to the other side and favor their ways more. All the members on the team seem to suffer from it, but in different ways. While Carter harps on the others about it, he certainly crosses the line between right and wrong in an effort to accomplish the job, Ty thinks he can do it all and lead a double life, Jaimie had a bad girl past that is very easy to slip back into, and Dean gets so far into his covers he won’t listen to anyone.

The team uses these covers as they chase down drug dealers, weapons dealers, and the like, and these criminals will do anything to get what they want, just as Carter and his team will. There is blood shed as often on Dark Blue as there is in a big time action movie, and there seems to be no holds barred. To be able to watch that type of a show in a weekly setting and have it all wrapped up in an hour is great. It means no more scanning the dial to watch the Die Hard movies over and over again.

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker is the webmaster of Reality Shack, and its accompanying Reality Shack Blog, and is a freelance writer providing reviews of movies and television, among other things, at Viewpoints. She is also an Associate Instructor and 2nd dan black belt in tae kwon do with South Elgin Martial Arts. Laura can be reached at

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