Posted: 03/26/2010


Chandon Pictures, Debuting March 26 On Showtime


by Laura Tucker

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The best thing to happen to TV is the increased programming of cable. No longer is that limited to just reruns and movies. They have less boundaries and can be more creative, and not having to stick to certain standards, they take more chances as well. One of the shows to benefit from that is Chandon Pictures which debuts on Sundance tonight, with its first season that originally aired in Australia.

The season opens with filmmaker Tom Chandon (Rob Carlton) looking forward to his next gig. He’s not too thrilled that what he get is yet another wedding to film. Yet once he delves into it more, he finds a story in it in that they’re first cousins, and after being titillated by this factor for some time, decides to focus on the “forbidden love” of the story.

It’s all handled with dark humor as they decide how to proceed with the filming of something that seems just so wrong to them. It only gets better from there as they discover even more “forbidden love” for the bride, oddly named Sherbet. Yet, throughout it all, the mother of the bride wants it handled delicately, as she oddly just wants a video she can show her friends.

The story doesn’t end here, though, as even though this is a half hour comedy, each episode still links together in some way. In the second episode, also airing tonight, it turns out the bride’s family stiffed Tom after he filmed the wedding. And now the Chandon Pictures is in dire need of money. An old classmate of his shows up, wanting his assistance with a Career Day she’s holding at their school, but he’s upset to find out she doesn’t want him to speak about filmmaking. She just wants him to film it. Even worse, she wants him to do it for free.

All of this plays out as if it’s a reality show, but Chandon Pictures is really completely fiction, a sitcom. In a way, the premise of that becomes similar to ABC’s Modern Family, but while it has a few less yuks, it pushes the boundaries even more.

Chandon Pictures makes it’s debut tonight on Sundance Channel at 9 PM ET.

Laura Tucker is the webmaster of Reality Shack and its accompanying Reality Shack Blog, provides reviews at Viewpoints, and provides entertainment news pieces at Gather. She is also an Instructor and 2nd dan black belt in tae kwon do with South Elgin Martial Arts. Laura can be reached at

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