Posted: 03/19/2009


The Perfect Sleep Review


by Gary Schultz

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The Perfect Sleep” is the latest release from Unified Pictures and this is absolutely not your average independent film. “The Perfect Sleep” is a bizarre mixture of film noir and martial arts featuring a nearly indestructible character known only as The Narrator. The Narrator brings us along on his spiritual journey as he is faced with the agonizing task of trying to save Porphyria, the one woman he has always loved but knows he cannot ever have.

“The Perfect Sleep” is an ambitious indie film directed by Jeremy Alter, beautifully photographed, with amazing set design and a powerful cast. Oddly enough the screenwriter and unknown actor of “The Perfect Sleep” Anton Pardoe plays The Narrator and not only holds his own with some of Hollywood’s finest, at times he blows them away. Anton Pardoe is exceptional in this movie both emotionally moving and ironically comedic but played with film noir grit necessary for a tortured character such as The Narrator.

Playing The Narrator’s Muse Porphyria, is the beautiful Roselyn Sanchez. She becomes the driving force behind The Narrator’s quest and his single motivation to continually take one hell of an ass-whoopin’ throughout the story. The cast includes an assortment of complex and intriguing characters. Tony Amendola plays the deadly Dr. Sebastian. Fight Coordinator Dominiquie Vandenberg plays Keller the unstoppable badass and the main antagonist behind it all is Nikolai played with intimidation by Patrick Bauchau. And to my pleasant surprise Michael Paré of “Eddie and the Cruiser’s” fame plays Officer Pavlovich which is so damn cool.

It’s refreshing to see this kind of production value in low budget independent film. This appears to be the Unified Pictures calling card, low budgets, high production value and take artistic risks. “The Perfect Sleep” isn’t a typical film noir, it has an almost dreamlike quality, and it requires the audience to allow themselves to become completely submerged into its world in order to clearly understand its intentions. Gary Oldman referred to “The Perfect Sleep” as ‘film noir on crack’. If this is something you desire, then seek out “The Perfect Sleep” at a theater near you and support a true independent film with a unique vision.

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Gary Schultz Gary Schultz is a filmmaker living in Chicago, IL.

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