Posted: 10/18/2008


Sex Drive


by Elaine Hegwood Bowen

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A movie that is so funny and one that totally took me by surprise is Sex
. At first, I thought I’d liken it to Super Bad, but that buddy comedy was just that—a buddy comedy.

Sex Drive is, indeed, a group comedic effort, led by Ian (Josh Zuckerman) and Lance (Clark Duke) as best buddies on a quest to surrender Ian’s 18-year spell of virginity to an online love named Ms. Tasty.

But this pair aren’t the only ones dishing out the laughs, and there so many more absolutely funny people in Sex Drive, with one-liners aplenty. The Amish farmer, played brilliantly by Seth Green; Rex (Ian’s brother), played by James Marsden, an overconfident punk gone wild; and the obnoxious pair of jerks with the best “openers” when it comes to the chicks, but they never quite seem to close the deal, round out the majority of the hilarious cast.

The laughs start early, as Ian is shown at his donut shop job, where it’s his turn to wear the donut mascot and parade around the mall, handing out coupons. He faces ridicule from his classmates, who’ve come to shop at the mall.

There’s also a crazy scene involving Ian, condoms and his future stepmother.
Next, when he finally decides to go for it and travel to Knoxville, Lance—who possesses this cool, laid-back persona, and dresses in what appear to be smoking jackets—talks him into stealing Rex’s 1965 Red Pontiac GTO, named the Judge. Any eventual date with Ms. Tasty would seem to be anticlimactic (no pun intended) after the exhilaration Ian experiences just driving this sleek, classic sports car.

The trail to Knoxville presents outlandish consequences for the three, as they run into car trouble, take part in an Amish Rumspringa, flee from a jealous husband, spend time in jail and party at a carnival in rural Indiana.

The themes running thru the movie showcase cultures that populate areas on the way from Chicago to Knoxville, and although filled with stereotypical undertones, they are hilarious.

The final scenes are gut-busters, at a themed hotel and Big Boy restaurant, where Ms. Tasty has set up the rendezvous with Ian.

Sex Drive is not just a “hook-up-for-sex” movie, but in the end it waxes romantic, and Ian discovers that what he was seeking was right in his own backyard, as his friend Felicia, played by Amanda Crew, turns out to be just what cures the young virgin, as she saves him from further ridicule and disaster.
Not only do Ian and Felicia find true love, but Lance also finds love in a very unorthodox setting.

Even the “Judge” gets a complete makeover; Rex is more than pleased that his young brother has finally scored, and he’s not so uptight about his prized possession.
All’s well that ends well.

Elaine Hegwood Bowen is a veteran public relations and journalism professional and former journalism professor. She’s publicist for her daughter, Hip-Hop artist Psalm One. A native Chicago South Sider, Elaine was a recent University of Maryland Bio Ethics, Health Disparities & Clinical Trials Fellow and winner of a Black Press Messenger Award.

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