Posted: 07/06/2009




by Hank Yuloff

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A few weeks ago, when UP came out, I was expecting another PIXAR fun, frolic-filled movie I could take the (now) 4-year-old movie buddy who calls me Daddy to see. Boy, they sure forgot to put the scary parts into the Warnings (as I lovingly call trailers).

So when I saw Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs was coming out and a big, scary dinosaur was part of the fun, I did some research on the story line. Thankfully there were some kids books that came out in advance - nothing like cross promotion - so I knew that the Big Mommy Dinosaur would end up being reasonably acceptable for the little ones. Nonetheless, if you bring a preschooler to see Ice Age, expect lots of questions.

It has been three years since Ice Age: The Meltdown and there have been some changes around the frozen tundra. Manny and Ellie, the mammoths, are about to be parents. Diego, the saber-tooth tiger, is feeling more like his evolutionary pals who sleep on my bed every day. Sid the Sloth is once again into his own world, but when he sees he is neither mother, father or “funny” uncle you only see on holidays to the new mammoth, he seeks out a family of his own.

This hunt leads Sid to inadvertently steal, thinking them abandoned, the eggs of a dinosaur which, as you may imagine, would make the rightful owner a bit apoplectic (my little one knows that word, so it’s OK to use it here). The little dinos break open their eggs and think that Sid is their mommy, a role he relishes. But when the Mommy Dino shows up, Sid is taken along to become part of the little dino’s dinner.

The disappearance of Sid leads to the formation of a rescue party, which like any gathering, can get a little dicey. But all challenges to our heroes aside, this movie does give us plenty of laughs and excitement and if you are looking for summer entertainment so you can tag along with your kids and enjoy it, Ice Age is a great way to spend time together.

As an aside, still acting as a bit of comic relief in many places throughout the film is Scrat the squirrel, consistently seeking a home for his beloved acorns, but in Ice Age Dawn he has a romantic interest: Scratte a squirrel girl who seems just as attached to Scrat’s nuts.

Hank Yuloff is one of our reviewers in Los Angeles. And if anyone is familiar enough to write about a squirrel’s nuts, it’s Hank.

Hank Yuloff is a writer in Los Angeles.

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