Posted: 03/22/2009


I Love You, Man


by Clint Fletcher

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When I first caught the trailer for this flick, I had mixed feelings of expectations. On the one hand, writer/director John Hamberg, Ben Stiller’s bitch, ranges from comic genius (Meet the Parents) to just plain retarded (Zoolander, Along Came Polly). But on the other hand, breakout star Jason Segel is hilarious, and I really dug Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Thankfully, I Love You, Man ends up on the winning side for the “Apatow Posse.”

If there’s one thing Hamberg knows well, its painfully awkward moments. He proved this thoroughly with Meet the Parents, his best movie yet. And thanks to Paul Rudd, this flick is loaded with awkwardness. His character is so freakin uncomfortable that during most scenes I was fidgeting restlessly in my seat. The first 45 minutes sets the stage for numerous supporting players, such as Andy Samberg as Rudd’s gay brother and Jon Favreau/Jaime Pressly as an asshole (and classic) married couple. And I can’t say enough good things about the lovely Rashida Jones. I’ve been in love with her since her appearances on Chappelle’s Show and her first series Wanted. Its truly a pleasure to see her scoring the leading roles she deserves. Shockingly, all of these characters end up having meaning to the plot before the credits roll. In most comedies, they just take up space and serve as time-fillers. But everyone serves a key role here related to Rudd’s character somehow. And then enter Jason Segel.

This dude makes the movie, just like I knew he would. His one-liners are classic and he and Rudd have great chemistry together. Segel’s character is someone that all guys idolize, and I often wonder if he’s really just playing himself on-screen. Rudd and Segel add an extra layer of emotion and heart to the picture, something that a few of the Apatow posse’s latest ventures lacked in (Role Models, Drillbit Taylor). I’m glad to hear we’ll be seeing much more of Segel in the near future as he’s signed for 3 films next year (one of them he wrote).

I Love You, Man is easily the funniest and most quotable movie of the year so far. If you dug Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (and let’s face it, everyone did) then you’ll enjoy this flick. So punch everyone in the face that wants to go see Madea Goes To Jail and drag them to this instead. You’ll actually laugh.

Clint Fletcher is a comedy writer who wants people to love him.

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