Posted: 07/08/2009




by Sawyer J. Lahr

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Bruno and Gayby

Hide your children. Change the channel from MTV to ABC Family. Bruno is corrupting our psyches and embarrassing the heterosexual majority. Scandalous nudity and extreme anal play are enough to cause Bill O’Reily and Ann Coulter ego-sized aneurysms.

Sacha Baron Cohen gets away with everything but murder in his latest docudrama reality TV movie. Bruno is a 19-year old oober gay austrian stereotype with all intentions to become world famous, modeling himself on the martyrdom of Madonna and Bradgelina.

When his name and career spiral down the drain at Milan Fashion Week because of a Velcro body suit, a disheartened Bruno spreads his anarchy and obsession with anal bleaching to Los Angeles like a true porn star.

Cohen has accomplished an endearing fluffy gay love story and a politically incorrect satire with a bittersweet after taste. Bruno captures backwoods American homophobia and racism by provoking it and offending its deep-seated hatred while mocking it for comedic effect.

Lay all your worries aside about offending the gay community. Cohen is on our side despite the rumored gay bashing scene that was somehow suggested by a few news articles that the film would make light of it.

The clincher for me (pun intended) was the grand finale - a celebrity studded musical number featuring Snoop Dog, among others, calling Bruno the white Obama. As far as influential characters go, I have to agree.

Sawyer J. Lahr is Chief Editor of the forthcoming online publication, Go Over the Rainbow. He also writes a monthly film column for Mindful Metropolis, a conscious living magazine in Chicago, IL.

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