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| October 5, 2012

It’s a trailer double feature this week: for foreign film/documentary/indie-film buffs, we’ve got an exclusive look at Israeli film The Flat, and for the Hollywood big-wigs, look out for the action packed Parker.

The Flat, directed by filmmaker Arnon Goldfinger, will have its limited U.S. theatrical debut on October 19, 2012, with screenings in New York and L.A. The documentary, originally premiering at the Jerusalem International Film Festival in 2011, has already been lauded with numerous awards: It took home that fest’s award for Best Director for Documentary, Best Editing at Tribeca 2012 and the Ophir for Best Documentary (that’s the Israeli equivalent of an Oscar).

Presented by Sundance Selects, the doc explores the remains of director Goldfinger’s own grandmother’s flat. After her passing at the age of 98, the filmmaker took his film crew to Tel Aviv as he pieced through her apartment. In the process, they uncovered not just a family history of Jewish immigrants from Nazi Germany, but a mystery involving three generations of non-Jewish and Jewish family members, weaving together a dramatic and enthralling exploration of the time period. See the trailer exclusively at

The Hollywood release of the week is from Academy-Award nominated director Taylor Hackford (Ray), and stars action heavyweight Jason Statham, alongside Jennifer Lopez.

Presented by Film District, the crime thriller is apt to be one of the big action debuts of 2013 (premiering January 25), and probably the start of a series – Parker is based on one of the bestselling novels in a series by Donald E. Westlake. Westlake’s books have had a strong Hollywood history: he was the author responsible for the novel Mel Gibson’s Payback (1999) was based on, and his produced screenplays include The Grifters (1990) and The Stepfather (1987).

Also starring Michael Chiklis, Wendell Pierce (The Wire) and Nick Nolte, watch the trailer now (with an exclusive introduction by Statham), and catch it in wide release next year.

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