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| August 24, 2012

The first clip from the upcoming feature film Inescapable has arrived (For a direct download click here).

The most recent effort from international Writer/Director Ruba Nadda stars Alexander Siddig, Marisa Tomei and Joshua Jackson, and will premiere next month at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Coming on the heels of 2009’s Cairo Time, a romantic drama also starring Siddig (and Patricia Clarkson), Inescapable continues Nadda’s exploration of characters entangled in foreign settings.

Here, Siddig plays Adib Abdel Kareem, a Syrian man living in Toronto in January 2011, before the now infamous Arab Spring takes hold in Syria. Living comfortably with his family, including his photographer daughter, Muna, Kareem is happily assimilated and living a new life. But when Muna goes missing on a photography assignment in Damascus, he finds himself shaken and forced to revisit the homeland he hoped to leave behind.

A thriller, Inescapable is described as a film about a man who must confront suspicions and misgivings about his past, in order to save his family’s future. A mystery, but also a story about the bond between father and daughter, this seems like a movie not to be missed.

Inescapable is part of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival program. TIFF, running from September 6th through the 16th, is an annual tradition that includes screenings, lectures, and workshops and includes film professionals from across the globe. Visit to learn more about the organization, and also for a line up of this year’s selected films and events.


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