Posted: 11/16/2010


Slices Of Life

by Michael J. Nicholas

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I recently attended a horror film festival at the Portage Theater in Chicago and one of the main highlights was the world premiere showing of the much anticipated indie release, ‘Slices Of Life’. Written and directed by Anthony G. Sumner, this throwback to cult classic horror flicks includes almost everything you could want out of the genre. The movie is divided into three different stories revolving around a main theme. Mira(Kaylee Williams), wakes up in front of a roadside inn, void of any memory and not even knowing who she is. A creepy, older woman named Irma(Helene Alter-Dyche) and her handyman ‘Tiny’(Marv Blauvelt), tell her that she is an employee of the inn and works the front desk.

Trying to put the pieces of her life back together, Mira returns to work inside the office of the inn and discovers three flesh-like bound books that have some very disturbing sketches inside of them. Each volume of these creepy books depicts an aspect of everyday life. There is ‘Work Life’, ‘Home Life’ and ‘Sex Life’. Mira begins to thumb through the pages of each book, thinking that maybe the scenes and stories inside relate to her life somehow.

‘Work Life’ is a tale of a shipping/mail clerk(Jack Guasta) at the bottom of the corporate ladder who accidentally releases a computer virus that turns his co-workers into zombies. “Home Life’ tells the story of a pregnant woman(Toya Turner) married to a detective that is assigned to the case of a rash of missing local girls. As more girls are abducted, the more she becomes haunted by their spirits. ‘Sex Life’ follows a brother(Galen Schloming) and sister(Deneen Melody) on the run after dealing with sexual abuse in their home life. They end up hiding out in a Victorian mansion only to discover horrors far worse than what they were originally running from.

Made on what I was sarcastically told a budget of $15, I feel the everybody involved with the making of this film did an exceptional job. The movie definitely brought me back to a time when the horror genre(80’s) was original, creative and really had an impact on fans like myself. The acting and directing I would put on a pro level. The editing and cinematography is fantastic, but what impressed me the most was the high caliber of gore and special effects. After seeing the trailer for this movie months ago, I couldn’t wait for it’s release. Well, it was definitely worth the anticipation and I can’t wait until it’s released on DVD. Currently, Slices Of Life is making the horror movie fest circuit around the country with guest appearances by cast and crew. Thanks to all who had a hand in putting this movie together, I had a blast watching it!

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