Posted: 07/23/2004


Entrails of a Beautiful Woman


by Barry Meyer

Yet another nasty splatter flick from Japan. Available here.

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Entrails of a Beautiful Woman is another appendage in the Entrails/Guts trilogy of sexploitive splatter flicks from Japanese sleaze master Gaira (aka Kazuo Komizu). This time around a young doctor infiltrates the underground world of female slavery and drugs, as she searches for the thugs responsible for the brutal rape and suicide of one of her patients. After seducing one of the Yakuza boys (with her own laughable form of masturbatory hypnotism) the good doctor is kidnapped and injected with the euphoric drug “Angel Rain” before being ferociously raped herself. Left for dead, and dumped on a pile of the hacked up remains of her Yakuza sweetheart, the Angel Rain takes on a monstrous effect, melding the two bodies together and creating one nasty libidinous hermaphrodite beast, bloodthirsty for revenge.

If you place yourself in the “not easily offended” category, then you’re in for a real gore-filled treat. Entrails of a Beautiful Woman is pure exploitation, with its excessive imagery of women being brutalized and bloodied. But it’s far tamer than its super-misogynistic, splatter OD’d predecessor Entrails of a Virgin — which was pretty much hardcore violent porn veiled by a slasher flick. The splatter effects are plentiful, but Gaira gives them an almost intentionally comic, cheesy low budget appeal. You’ll have to stomach a load of storyline first, before you get to the real gore-payoff, though. The good heavy splatter action comes in the final reel, when the crimson hermaphrodite monster goes on its bloody attack. Most memorable is the sequence where a Yakuza moll, high on Angel Rain, has to orally service the hermaphrodite beast as it changes sex before our very eyes! Just beyond belief.

The Entrails/Guts flicks were previously only attainable through the underground or small video market, but now the folks at Synapse Films have put these infamous splatter flicks onto DVD. Entrails of a Beautiful Woman is shown uncut, and widescreen — though the transfer is a bit dark in the nighttime scenes. To fill out the package is a theatrical trailer, an interview with director Gaira, and an essay on Japanese censorship that explains why some of the more graphic scenes have a “haze” effect over the female genitalia.

Barry Meyer is a writer living in Jersey. He likes his entrails medium rare.

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