Posted: 02/17/2004


Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV


by Gary Schultz

The Toxic Avenger is still the greatest super hero from New Jersey.

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After nearly fifteen years Troma’s greatest hero The Toxic Avenger is back and he’s brought his overweight sidekick, Lardass! In Oct of 2001 Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV premiered at the pioneer Theatre in New York City. After a lengthy festival run Citizen Toxie was released on DVD for the non-festival viewing public to enjoy. Now I’m going to say this just once so listen up for those of you that don’t know anything about Troma Films you MUST ONLY VIEW THE DIRECTOR’S CUT of this film or any other Troma Film for that matter. The rated “R” version is cut to pieces. The MPAA is judgmental and evil and they tell you, the free thinking citizens of America what is appropriate to view, but we’ll save that argument for a different time. Now here is a brief explanation of Troma Films. Troma make very low budget hardcore comedic films, that are usually gorier than any mainstream splatter flick, featuring sexy lesbians and over the top violence and stereotypes. Some people in the mainstream world would consider Troma Movies to be crap. This might be true, but people in the mainstream don’t know shit anyway. Troma Films are for a desired taste. Troma is one of the oldest independent film companies and distributors in the United States. Troma films are a treat that go against the grain of cookie cutter Hollywood films and should be viewed with large groups of friends, lots of beer and mini-tacos.

Citizen Toxie starts out as the terrible Diaper Mafia has taken everyone in the Tromaville School for the very special hostage. Toxie and Lardass go to the scene of the crime to stop these losers, unknowing that it’s all a trap to blow them up. When the explosion occurs, Tromaville and its double ganger Amortville have an interdimensional merging, sending Toxie to Amortville and the evil Toxie, called The Noxious Offender to Tromaville. Noxie goes on a rampage and kills almost everyone in Tromaville. Toxie tries to get home with the help of a mentally challenged girl named Sweetie Honey, Tito the retarded Rebel and Chester the cock sucking scientist. Yes, those are their actual character names. Meanwhile the Mayor of Tromaville played by adult film star legend Ron Jeremy gets a league of Troma’s greatest superhero’s to stop Noxie. Sgt. Kabukiman leads the team of Superheroes that include of Mad Cow Boy, Dolphin Man, Master Bator and The Vibrator. While Toxie is in Amortville, the evil Noxie impregnates Toxie’s blind wife (whose already pregnant with Toxie’s baby) Sarah. She’s now pregnant with two children one that appears to be from Toxie and another who appears to be from Noxie. The fetuses will now have to battle it out. And after Noxie destroys the league of superhero’s sent against him it will be up to the Toxic Avenger to find his way back through the interdimensional portal and defeat his evil counter part Noxie. Oh yeah and Corey Feldman plays Sarah’s (Toxie’s blind wife’s) Gynecologist Doctor Kinky Finkelstein.

For the Troma fan this is one of their best. One of the goriest Troma films and it’s definitely the best Toxic Avenger sequel. If you’re into Troma check this film out. If you’re into really gory, dark, silly films that make satire out of everything from mentally challenged children to abortion to religion then check this film out. Troma is not afraid to poke fun at anything and along the way bring up some good political arguments. If you’re offended by anything presented to you in a bold, non-condescending and gross manner then do not see this film. You need to stick to the Hollywood system of rationalizing awful themes with light hearted humor ala Pretty Woman sensationalizing prostitution into a fun romantic thing that you can do because times are hard and some day Prince Charming will come and save you. Troma puts it on the line because and aren’t afraid to offend.

So here’s what we’ve learned so far…The Toxic Avenger is still the greatest superhero from New Jersey. Troma films are pro-hot lesbian sex. Sgt. Kabukiman is a suffering alcoholic who needs to get laid. Stan “the man” Lee narrated the intro and outro out this film which awards this film an extra 50 cool points. If you don’t know who Stan Lee is, go run as fast as you can into a wall fan boy. If Lloyd Kaufman’s only agenda in making Troma style films is to piss people off then so be it. Troma rules!

Gary Schultz is an indie filmmaker from the great Chicagoland area. He thinks Troma films are neat-o and you should too!

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