Posted: 12/16/2004


Chainsaw Sally


by Gary Schultz

Official site here.

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Chainsaw Sally is the new super low budget horror film from Director Jimmy O Burril (Silver Scream). Shot on DV in about two weeks worth of time and featuring April Monique Burril as Chainsaw Sally, this film is true in the independent spirit. Sally is gothic, sexy and talks with a monotone little girl voice, until you piss her off. Then you get a chainsaw up your ass, or down your throat. Sally is a quiet librarian by day and a chainsaw welding vigilante by night. This film is homage to low budget drive-in style horror. Sally was created to be an Elvira type character to promote Director Jimmy Burril’s film projects on the web. Thing is, everyone wanted to know more about Sally, so now she got her own low budget movie. Check it out.

Chainsaw Sally is about a young girl, who is mentally and emotionally traumatized after seeing the brutal murders of her parents when she was ten. Orphaned and alone she grows up caring for her cross dressing younger brother in a trailer near her deceased parents house. She grows up and becomes a twisted vigilante, a psycho killer violently murdering anyone she believes to be a threat to herself, her brother and her home. When an asshole of a land developer sets his sights on the abandoned property where Sally’s parents home stands she must do everything in her power to stop him including using Steve, and new friend and the rich landowner as a pawn in her plan.

Chainsaw Sally is horrific, funny and bad in so many ways it’s good. There are at least two scenes that actually grossed me out. The acting is rough in many scenes but Sally has a charm about her that almost makes you want to see her go ape shit and massacre everyone in her path. This film is definitely homage to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and films of that type. It has many references to that film and even features Gunner Hansen the original Leatherface in a small role as Sally’s father. The crew even got 60’s and 70’s horror-directing icon Herschel Gordon Lewis to make a cameo. Lewis directed many, many low budget horror films including Blood Feast, 2000 Maniacs and Monster a-Go-Go and is considered by many to be the Godfather of Gore. Chainsaw Sally doesn’t yet have worldwide distribution but I suspect if they can’t find distribution, a company like Troma Films would snatch this film up in a second. Chainsaw Sally could very well become a cult classic for the stoned and drunken to laugh with.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far… Chainsaws are cool. Giving freaky girls chainsaws is cool too. Steve is a slightly creepy older guy that likes sleazy realtors. Psssst… his real life alter ego is also the film’s producer Mark Redfield. Independent horror films are fun to drink to. And poison when chugged will make pureed intestines and feces come spilling out of your ass.

Gary Schultz is an indie filmmaker in Chicago.

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