Posted: 06/10/2004




by Barry Meyer

A.K.A. Grim Reaper, Man-Eater, Savage Island…ahhh, the list goes on and on.

Available from Midnight Video.

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Oh man! Give me a hamburger, someone!! Seeing this guy eat up all those young, nubile Italians is just making me hungry. If you are at all familiar with the Italian gore flix of the 70s and 80s, then you might have heard of director Joe D’Amato. Otherwise, you wouldn’t care to know him, ‘cuz he is one weird freak, based on this cannibal zombie masterpiece.

A bunch of friends take a quiet boat tour of some beautiful, sunny Aegean islands, despite the fact that one of the gals has seen some pretty scary things in her tarot cards. The gang comes across one solitary island where all the inhabitants seemed to have disappeared, leaving the village abandoned. They shack up for the night, but soon find that they aren’t quite alone. When they investigate the deserted buildings they discover an old journal, and read all about a ghoulish man who began to eat his family up after food and contact was cut off from the mainland. Before you know it, someone starts picking off the friends, one by one, serving them up for one frightening meal.

This flick is one big blood-soaked spaltter fest, sure to whet the appetites of fans of this grizzly genre. It’s not your usual Friday the 13th or Halloween knock-off, with phony looking body parts a-tumbling, and funny quips a-flying. It’s a serious gross-out kinda flick with innards being strewn around the yard. This is the full uncut version, with a couple gory scenes put back it that were edited out by the Brits, after the film’s original release. These scenes—I won’t even hint to what they are, cuz you just have to see them for yourself — are sure to upset the more timid folk. So be warned! This flick is not even close to mainstream horror.

Anthropophagous is put out on the Midnight Video label, a small video company with their own exclusive full-length, uncut versions of many hard to find cult titles.

Barry Meyer is a scriptwriter living in Jersey. He’s cooking a burger right now!

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