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Absentia by Jason Coffman

All Soul's Day by Barry Meyer

Altitude by Jef Burnham

American Nightmare, The by Jef Burnham

And Now the Screaming Starts by Barry Meyer

Anthropophagous by Barry Meyer

Asylum Seekers by Jason Coffman

Asylum [a.k.a., House of Crazies] by Barry Meyer

Atrocious by Jason Coffman

Basket Case Blu-ray by Jason Coffman

Beast [La Bete], The by Barry Meyer

Being Human- "Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These" by Calhoun Kersten

Besotted by Barry Meyer

Bite Marks by Jason Coffman

Black Belly of the Tarantula by Barry Meyer

Bleeding, The by Michael J. Nicholas

Blood Bath by Barry Meyer

Blood Trilogy (Blood Feast, Two Thousand Maniacs!, Color Me Blood Red), The by Jason Coffman

Body Puzzle by Ruben R. Rosario

Burning Bright by Barry Meyer

Cabin Fever by Barry Meyer

Cabin Fever by Gary Schultz

Cadaver by Jef Burnham

Camel Spiders by Jason Coffman

Centerfold Girls, The by Jef Burnham

Chainsaw Sally by Gary Schultz

Children of the Corn by Lisa Draski

Chillerama by Jason Coffman

Choose by Jason Coffman

Chop by Jason Coffman

Christmas Party, The by Barry Meyer

Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 by Jason Coffman

Chronicle of Corpses, A by Barry Meyer

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV by Gary Schultz

Clinic, The by Jason Coffman

Closed for the Season by Jason Coffman

Coffin, The by Jason Coffman

Cold Fish by Ruben R. Rosario

Cold Sweat by Jason Coffman

College Girl Murders [Der Mönch mit der Peitsche] by Gary Schultz

Corruption of Chris Miller, The by Barry Meyer

Cottage, The by Jason Coffman

Cowboy Killer by Jef Burnham

Creature of Darkness by Katherine Montalto

Dance of the Dead by Jason Coffman

Dante's Inferno by Jef Burnham

Dead Hooker in a Trunk by Jason Coffman

Dead Next Door, The by Barry Meyer

Dead Seven by Barry Meyer

Dead in the Water by Barry Meyer

Dead, The by Jason Coffman

Deadly Spawn, The by Barry Meyer

Deadtime Stories by Barry Meyer

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats by Barry Meyer

Death on Demand by Jef Burnham

Demon Summer by Barry Meyer

Demonlover by Michael Kurhajetz

Detour by Gary Schultz

Devil's Backbone [El Espinazo del Diablo], The by Joe Steiff

Devil's Rock, The by Jason Coffman

Devon's Ghost by Barry Meyer

Die by Ruben R. Rosario

Doctor Blood's Coffin by Jason Coffman

Dog Soldiers by Del Harvey

Don't Let Him In by Jason Coffman

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Barry Meyer

Dracula – Prisoner of Frankenstein by Barry Meyer

Dracula 2000 by Robert Bach

Drag Me to Hell by Jason Coffman

Dressed to Kill (Blu-ray) by Jason Coffman

Echo Game, The by Jason Coffman

El Monstro Del Mar! by Jason Coffman

Elvira's Movie Macabre and Haunted Hills on DVD by Jason Coffman

Embobiment of Evil by Barry Meyer

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman by Barry Meyer

Entrails of a Virgin by Barry Meyer

Eternal by Barry Meyer

Eternal Blood [Sangre Eterna] by Del Harvey

Evil by Gary Schultz
An over-the-top gorefest from Greece.

Evil Dead: Limited Edition Blu-ray, The by Jef Burnham

Evil Things by Jason Coffman

FROZEN by Barry Meyer

Faces of Death: 30th Anniversary Edition by Jason Coffman

Fall Down Dead by Sanela Djokovic

Fanglys, The by Barry Meyer

Fangoria Weekend of Horror’s Convention 2009! by Gary Schultz

Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors by Gary Schultz

Father's Day by Jason Coffman

Fear Itself by Barry Meyer

Feast by Chris Wood

Feed by Del Harvey
Very disturbing little shocker from down under. A real stomach-turner.

Forget Me Not by Barry Meyer

Frat House Massacre by Barry Meyer

Frostbitten by Jason Coffman

Frozen by Jef Burnham

George: A Zombie Intervention by Jason Coffman

Ghost Machine- Worth the 90 Minutes by Alicia Ayoub
DVD review- Ghost Machine, horror/ sci- fi

Ghosthouse by Barry Meyer

Ghoul School by Barry Meyer

Grimm Love by Barry Meyer

Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol, The by Jason Coffman

H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds by Barry Meyer

Haunting Of Amelia, The by John Flores

Haunting of Molly Hartley, The by Rick Villalobos

Head Trauma by Amanda Giarratano

Hell's Ground by Jef Burnham

Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass by Jason Coffman

Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore by Jason Coffman

Hide and Creep by Barry Meyer

Hilarious House of Frightenstein, The by Barry Meyer

Hills Run Red, The by Steve Anderson

Hollywood Vampyr by Barry Meyer

Home Movie by Steve Anderson

House of Fallen by Jason Coffman

House on Greenapple Road by Barry Meyer

House on Sorority Row: 25th Anniversary Edition, The by Jef Burnham

Howling: Reborn, The by Jason Coffman

Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, The by Jason Coffman

I Drink Your Blood by Gary Schultz

I'll Bury You Tomorrow by Barry Meyer

In a Glass Cage by Barry Meyer

Incredible Melting Man (1977), The by Jason Coffman

Insight of Evil by Barry Meyer

Interview with Haunted Sunshine Girl by Barry Meyer

Isolation (2011) by Jason Coffman

It Waits by Barry Meyer

Jennifer's Body by David A. Holcombe

Last Shark, The by Barry Meyer

Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural by Barry Meyer

Let Me In by Barry Meyer

Let the Right One In by Jason Coffman

Little Deaths by Jason Coffman

Magdalena: Possessed by the Devil by Barry Meyer

Magnetic Monster, The by Jason Coffman

Manson Family Movies by Barry Meyer

Manson Family, The by Barry Meyer

Martyrs by Jason Coffman

Meatball Machine by Aaron Riccio
A schlocky, low-budget splatterpunk film from Japan.

Megan is Missing by Barry Meyer

Mother of Tears by Matt Wedge

Mother of Tears by Jason Coffman

Mothman by Jef Burnham

Mum & Dad by Jason Coffman

Murder Obsession by Jason Coffman

My Bloody Valentine 3D by Jason Coffman

My Skin by Barry Meyer

Never Cry Werewolf by Barry Meyer

Night Train Murders by Barry Meyer

Nude Nuns with Big Guns by Jason Coffman

Otis by Jason Coffman

Pack, The by Calhoun Kersten

Pandorum by Jef Burnham

Phase 7 by Jason Coffman

Playroom by Ed Moore

Polymorph by Barry Meyer

Psych 9 by Barry Meyer

Quarantine by Jason Coffman

Rabies by Jason Coffman

Rammbock: Berlin Undead by Del Harvey

Ratline by Jason Coffman

Red Cockroaches by Barry Meyer

Red Riding Hood by Gary Schultz

Redneck by Barry Meyer

SHANK by Barry Meyer

Sacred Flesh by Barry Meyer

Savage (2009) by Jason Coffman

School of the Holy Beast by Barry Meyer

Scream 4 by Jef Burnham

See No Evil by Andrew Keller

Serbian Film, A by Jason Coffman

Sharktopus by Barry Meyer

She-Beast (a.k.a. Revenge of the Blood Beast), The by Jef Burnham

Silent House (La Casa Muda), The by Jason Coffman

Silent Night, Zombie Night by Jason Coffman

Sleeper, The by Jason Coffman

Slumber Party Massacre Collection, The by Barry Meyer

Something to Scream About by Barry Meyer

Spiderhole by Jason Coffman

Spiker by Jef Burnham

Switchblade Romance [High Tension / Haute Tension] by Del Harvey

Syfy's Children of the Corn by Jef Burnham

Terror Pack Vol. 1 by Jef Burnham

Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Blu-Ray), The by Del Harvey

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The by Gary Schultz

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The by Josh Gloer

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The by Gary Schultz

Tokyo Gore Police by Jason Coffman

Trick 'r Treat by Jef Burnham

Twilight by Rick Villalobos

Vampire Circus by Barry Meyer

Vampire Film: From Nosferatu to True Blood (Fourth Edition), The by Jason Coffman

Vampires Versus Zombies by Barry Meyer

Vault of Horror: A Brentwood DVD 10 Pack by Barry Meyer

Visions of Hell: The Films of Jim Van Bebber by Matt Wedge

Wake the Witch by Jason Coffman

Welcome to Arrow Beach [a.k.a., Tender Flesh] by Barry Meyer

Werewolves on Wheels by Gary Schultz

White Dog by Barry Meyer

Woman, The by Barry Meyer

Woman, The by Jason Coffman

Woman, The by Adam Mohrbacher

Wound by Jason Coffman

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings by Jason Coffman

Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption by Joe Sanders

Zombie Town by

Zombiemania by David A. Holcombe

subHuman by Gary Schultz

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