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711 Ocean Drive by Alan Rode
America' s transition into the postwar boom of the 1950's engendered a new type of noir crime drama in pace with current events.

Abandoned by Del Harvey
Rarely seen gem peeks inside the seamier side of late 1940's Los Angeles, as a reporter pursues a missing girl into the bowels of a black market baby racket.

Ace in the Hole by Alan Rode
Billy Wilder's tour de force about news-hungry reporter Kirk Douglas' sensationalized account of a man trapped in a mineshaft.

Asphalt Jungle, The by Ashley Cook
John Huston's classic noir tale of a heist gone wrong.

Berlin Express by Robert Weston
"The dove of peace was a pigeon - a dead pigeon."

Big Caper, The by Ruben R. Rosario

Blood Simple by Andrew Lewicky
The Coen Brothers first masterpiece is one of the very best examples of modern film noir.

Bob Le Flambeur [Bob the Gambler] by Alan Rode
Jean-Pierre Melville's Cinematic Valentine to American Film Noir.

Border Incident by Alan Rode
Honest look at racist attitudes in 40's / 50's Southern California give this noir a harder edge and make it one of our favorites.

Born to Kill by Robert Weston
A film about 'the grimmest corners' of the human condition.

Box, The by Del Harvey
MTI releases this gritty contemporary noir about two people who've finally found something worth living for, if they can only escape their pasts.

China Moon by Robert Weston
This example of a contemporary noir film stars Ed Harris, Madeleine Stowe, and Benicio Del Toro.

Crack-Up by Robert Weston
A taut thriller that's become a minor classic of suspense.

Crime Wave [a.k.a., The City Is Dark] by Alan Rode
'B' movie with good cast and tight little storyline thanks to Andre de Toth.

Crossfire by Del Harvey
Directed by Edward Dmytryk in 1947, this classic suspense story about a murder committed by a bigoted individual is just as true today as it was then.

D.O.A. by Alan Rode
A noir that just proves the supposition that the slightest misstep by an Honest John (or Jane) can turn a pleasant existence into a one way trip to Miseryville.

Dark Corner, The by Alan Rode

Detour by Robert Weston
This grade 'B' suspenser is one of the darket studies in film noir.

Harder They Fall, The by Alan Rode
Bogie's last film was a scathing indictment of the racket that was boxing in the 50's.

Heist by Hank Yuloff

Hickey & Boggs by Joe Sanders

Humphrey Bogart: The Essential Collection by Del Harvey

In a Lonely Place by Del Harvey
This film noir was made during the height of the McCarthy Era, by anti-establishment film star Humphrey Bogart with stunning femme fatale Gloria Grahame.

Incident in an Alley by Ruben R. Rosario

Killers, The by Del Harvey
Director Donald Siegel's 1964 remake is a pale, violent cousin to the '46 original.

Kiss Me Deadly by Robert Weston
Robert Aldrich's existential film noir doesn't pull any punches.

Le Cercle Rouge by Jerome de Groot
Jean-Pierre Melville put Yves Montand and Alain Delon together in this tight little gangster film.

Lodger / Hangover Square, The by Alan Rode
Rare double-feature starring the impressive Laird Cregar.

Long Goodbye, The by Del Harvey
This film noir, made in 1973, is a fine addition to the Marlowe legacy. Don't let the hippies and the topless chicks fool you; Gould's private dick is just as hard boiled as Bogie's.

Lost Son, The by Del Harvey
1999 French-British collaboration of an Eric Leclere novel is superb contemporary noir.

Maltese Falcon, The by Del Harvey
Considered historically to be the first true film noir, this first-time directing effort by John Huston is still one of the all-time classics of film.

Man Who Cheated Himself, The by Alan Rode
Lee J. Cobb as a cop smitten with femme fatale Jane Wyatt in little-known noir gem.

Moonrise by Alan Rode
1948 classic suspenser with Dane Clark and Gail Russell.

Niagara by Robert Weston
Henry Hathaway's study in paranoia and fatal error featured a beguiling Ms. Monroe.

Out of the Past by Robert Weston
Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer in what is perhaps the finest film noir ever made.

Perfect Sleep Review, The by Gary Schultz

Plunder Road by Alan Rode

Prowler, The by Alan Rode

Rififi by Del Harvey
American director Jules Dassin created a masterpiece with this French-made classic that set the standard for heist films.

Salton Sea, The by Del Harvey
Beautiful little noir tale lets Kilmer shine.

Strange Illusion by Barry Meyer
Edward G. Ulmer's off-the-wall classic now on DVD.

Thief by Del Harvey
Director Michael Mann's debut film rivals Rififi as quintessential heist film.

Third Man, The by John Kessler
Our resident noir expert reviews this classic suspense tale remastered for new generations of filmgoers (whose only idea of suspense may be the latest Stephen Seagal movie).

This Gun for Hire by Robert Weston
The classic noir about a hit man who falls in love with Veronica Lake. Poor guy.

Well, The by Alan Rode
A look at an obscure but very powerful noir that tackles a difficult topic.

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