Warehouse 13

| June 20, 2011

Thank god for Warehouse 13. It is so dumb. Oh my GOD is it dumb. Dumb characters, dumb jokes, dumb plot, and just plain dumb idea. THANK. GOD. I was starting to think SyFy had no real sense of humor about itself (with the exception of ‘Sharktopus’ style fare).
I like to think that other Sci-Fi buffs have a sense of humor about themselves. If they do, they should love Warehouse 13. I don’t know if it’s meant to be quite as funny as it is but it’s definitely not as dark as other shows on the SyFy roster and it’s not nearly as smart as something like Eureka. And it all seems on purpose. I hope. But it’s entirely un-ironic and entirely lighthearted. Even the murder.
And there’s a lot of murder. This show is CSI meets the warehouse of artifacts in the first Indiana Jones movie. Throw in some Three Stooges and bad pickup lines and you’ve got yourself a silly good time. There’s something for every geek. From warring statues of Greek gods to Captain Kirk references and even old-timey steam punk TV/radio communicators.
The show follows a team of warehouse caretakers and investigators as they track down and examine anything from cursed artifacts to the electrically charged ghost in Jimi Hendrix’s guitar and everything in the middle. It’s all got a life of its own and tends to make people in the present die in a variety of quasi-comical ways. Like in the worst horror films. The ones without real serial killers with all the “accidents” that aren’t accidents.
But the dark moments don’t ever really seem dark. It’s all a fantastic, DUMB, in-joke. And it’s more fun when you don’t have to think about it. And no thinking whatsoever is required to enjoy this show. But I like having to guess. It might be smarter than I realize. It might be very well-acted. The stories might be strokes of genius. Maybe all of the bad one-liners and cheese crammed into every minute is totally on purpose (a sort of Dinoshark, if you like). I don’t care. It’s just good dumb fun for geeks who like old shit…with super powers. I feel like it might be around for a while. I am genuinely impressed it is in it’s third season already. And when it’s finally played out, it may be a well-remembered relic for a select group of us who got the bad jokes and didn’t mind the lightning effect that is used like every five minutes. That shit is funny as hell if you notice it.
And so, here’s my Warehouse 13 drinking game on the house:
Take a shot whenever…
1. Field Agent Pete Lattimer cops to not knowing something most people learn in grade school or makes an ill-advised pass at a strong female character.
2. Something is hit by or produces lighting/electricity.
3. The cute and quirky redhead says something adorably cute and quirky.
4. Boss Mrs. Frederic appears out of nowhere just to scare the shit out of somebody for absolutely no discernible reason.
5. Actor Saul Rubinek is on screen. Because that guy kicks ass somehow. Humor me.
And what the hell: One more to the new season. Bottoms up.

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