Wallander: The Revenge

| June 3, 2012

On Friday, June 1st, Music Box Films released “Wallander: The Revenge,” starring Krister Henriksson as the iconic and dogged police detective Kurt Wallander. This film is actually one of a series from Swedish television originally aired beginning in 2008 and co-developed for Swedish production by Henning Mankell. These films are very hard to find here in the States and if you have the opportunity to see them, I highly recommend you do. They are excellent representations of Mankell’s original characters, even though they differ slightly from the original novels. Still, not even the BBC and Branagh have come as close to the same interpretation of the Wallander character, even though his is superb. There is something unique about Henriksson’s presentation. He is considered one of the best actors in his native country, and watching this film should tell you why. His ability to inhabit a character is truly amazing, and it is wonderful to watch as he makes Wallander a living, breathing, fully dimensional character.

In “Wallander: The Revenge,” the film opens with Kurt Wallander celebrating his 62nd birthday, having achieved his lifelong dream of purchasing a house by the sea. Suddenly, a heavy explosion disrupts the peace and quiet in Ystad, knocking out the town’s lone power transformer. When more explosions follow, the military is called in and the little town starts to look like a war zone. The townspeople are in a panic, bombarding the police with questions: are the explosions acts of sabotage? Or is terrorism directed at a local Islamic exhibition?

Wallander is not one to jump at shadows, so in spite of the fact that everyone is worried about terrorists bringing doom to their little town, he remains the skeptical realist, reserving judgment until he has enough facts to support such incendiary accusations.

Mankell’s first choice to play one of the most popular characters in contemporary crime fiction was Krister Henriksson. And there is something Zen-like about the way actor Krister Henriksson portrays Kurt Wallander. Although he sometimes seems stodgy and old-fashioned, at other times he reveals himself to be a caring and concerned detective who wants his team to produce the best results so that they can bring another criminal to justice. With a new prosecutor running the office, and two new police recruits fresh from the academy, it is all Wallander can do to maintain focus after the government sends in both troops and special agents to undermine what should be a straightforward criminal investigation.

Everything is in chaos as Wallander navigates through the darkness to track down the culprits.

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For more information about this film, or to order a copy, visit Music Box Films site here. The Wallander series (Series 2) consists of a total of thirteen 90 minute episodes, including “The Revenge,” “The Guilt,” “The Courier” and “The Thief,” available on VOD starting May 25, 2012 and on DVD beginning May 29th.

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