| October 11, 2011

The beautiful and fascinating documentary YogaWoman is probably the most inspiring documentary of the last few years. Unpretentious and full of facts and interesting stories, it takes the viewer through a tour of many different ways in which yoga is changing women’s lives today.
Celebrating the idea that woman need yoga in order to find harmony and balance in all areas of their lives, we meet yoga teachers who create classes with different focuses; these focuses line up with the areas of their own lives that needed nourishment, and they have now healed themselves and have moved on to give to others.
Teachers focus on healing- a breast cancer survivor welcomes other survivors and sufferers into her classroom. An Indian doctor who specializes in studying yoga and its effects on the body and brain emphasizes the idea that yoga can heal much more than a sick body. It can heal the mind.
Teachers also take their yoga to other inspiring levels- a group called Off the Mat takes their journey to Uganda, to work with HIV positive women of all ages in a community and build a new birth center in order to help these women have safer, much less dangerous births. It is truly miraculous.
Other teachers work with women who are very large, and may have given up hope of finding exercise at all until they discover they too can find solace in yoga. Some teachers help at-risk youth in juvenile facilities. These girls find ways to help control their previously uncontrollable emotions through meditation and peaceful exercise.
The movie is narrated by Annette Bening; her soothing voice and calm tone brings the movie its center and a great deal of power. She is a great advocate of these women’s work.
This documentary is a must-see. It is a really interesting and inspiring film that will probably get you out to the next yoga class you can find!

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Heather Trow is a nursing assistant and part-time writer. When she is not writing, she is listening to the popular podcast "NEVER NOT FUNNY". Actually, at any given time, most likely, she is listening to the podcast. It's pretty much all she does besides work. It is her favorite thing.
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