WWII In HD: Collector’s Edition

| November 22, 2011

World War II was a brutal and heartbreaking war. Years later, even with many of its survivors gone, the effects can still be felt throughout the world. This documentary, WWII in HD, takes a look at the war using color footage from around the world, much which has never been seen before. It took two years to find the original color footage that had been shot during the war, which amassed itself to over three thousand hours of footage. The footage was combed through and meticulously put into high definition in order to bring this documentary from the history channel to you. WWII in HD is a documentary that is essential for anyone interested in either World War II or history in general.
Using personal journals and firsthand accounts, WWII in HD follows twelve Americans during their wartime experience. The veterans come from all walks of life. They are brought to life through narrations done by a couple survivors as well as assisted by actors readings. Through these readings; Jack Werner (Justin Bartha), Robert Sherrod (Rob Lowe), Bert Stiles (Josh Lucas), Rockie Blunt (Rob Corddry), Richard Tregaskis (Tim Dekay), Archie Sweeney (Mark Hefti), Jimmy Kanaya (James Kyson), Charles Scheffel (Ron Livingston), Shelby Westbrook (LL Cool J), Jack Yusen (Jason Ritter), June Wandrey (Amy Smart), and Nolen Marbrey (Steve Zahn), we get authentic views of the motives behind those fighting in the war and what they witnessed as a result. Gary Sinise narrates the documentary in a beautiful way. He keeps the story moving as well as delivering the information in an unbiased tone. Although, when appropriate, his voice contains hints of emotion, whether despair or happiness, which helps to set the tone of the following scene for the viewer.
The color footage in WWII in HD is amazing. It adds a sense of realism that trumps the black and white footage that is normally seen. The footage is clear and restored with obvious care. Any impurities in the film are from the original footage and help to bring this sense of realism to a greater level. It is crucial to note that the change from black and white to color footage sets a tone which has not been experienced before.
Some of the footage is extremely emotional and hard to handle. There is footage from real time experiences that never found themselves into news reels or other documentary sources. These pieces of footage are raw and show the war as it really was. There is no editing of the emotional scenes to make them less impacting, which can be hard to view for some people. After watching a particular scene shot by a German solider in Yugoslavia, I had to take a break from the documentary due to the overwhelming emotion that rose within me. While hard to watch at times, this emotional impact brings the horrors as well as the victories to life for the viewer.
WWII in HD: Collector’s Edition is packaged in a beautiful army green canvas box. It is a four disc set. Two of the discs contain the original documentary split into ten episodes; “Darkness Falls”, “Hard Way Back”, “Bloody Resolve”, “Battle Stations”, “Day of Days”, “Point of No Return”, “Striking Distance”, “Glory and Guts”, “Edge of the Abyss”, and “End Game”. The other two discs are the bonus features; The Battle for Iwo Jima and The Air War. The Battle for Iwo Jima looks at this epic battle with fully restored color footage, some of which has never been seen. The Air War tells of the previously untold story of the American 8th Air Force’s battle against the German Luftwaffe in the day leading up to D-day.

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