Wet Behind the Ears

| July 23, 2014

Wet Behind the Ears is a coming of age comedy from Cinema Libre Studio about recent college graduate/millennial Samantha who is having a hard time finding a real job.

Best friends Samantha and Victoria have recently graduated and are ready to move to the big city. When Victoria lands the perfect job and Samantha finds herself unqualified to land even a retail job, let alone one in her dream field of marketing, their aspirations of living in New York City together come crashing down. Samantha tries to find her way in the world, while being stopped at every turn in her quest to find employment. She is as good as everyone else, but just doesn’t seem to connect with prospective employers.

Samantha simply has no money, no job and no good prospects of securing one. But she does eventually get a job working in an ice cream store, which should totally embarrass her, but it doesn’t—she needs work. With her dreams of starting her new life set back, she is drawn into a shady scheme by a cute guy and must learn from her mistakes to embark on a fabulous future in this comedy about making your way.

Copeland says, “We hope the audience sees the hilarity in the frustration of unemployment, and realizes that there is more than one way to make a living in this world.”

The film was co-written by director Sloan Copeland and star Margaret Keane Williams who set out to provide comedic relief for the many desperate young people yearning for opportunity, and to inspire people to create opportunity in unexpected places. The film was inspired by the writers’ own difficulties with making the transition into the professional world, earning the kudos of New York Magazine, who praised the film as “A delightful independent film about the trials and tribulations of the no-job, move back home generation.” Wet Behind the Ears explores the hard side of growing up, but also offers a hint of hope that through ingenuity, we can save ourselves in the end.

Although Samantha is disheartened and depressed at first, she keeps chugging along, trying to secure employment, while she sees her friends around her digging into their new adult lives and having fun. But when she falls for a scheme that has illegal implications, she is all excited at the prospect of making a fast buck at first, but she eventually has a change of heart and wants no more of the scam.

Wet Behind the Ears shows all the good things about being an adult living in New York, and as well all of the difficulties that come with being independent in a city that seems to slow down for no one. It will have you laughing and rooting for Samantha all at the same time.

Wet Behind the Ears is a fun movie to watch with a bunch of buddies and some wine and cheese. It won top narrative-feature awards at: Golden Door International Film Festival, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Toronto Independent Film Festival, Studio City Film Festival, as well as more than two dozen audience and acting recognitions from other festivals including, Real to Reel Film Festival, Golden Door International Film Festival and the Long Island International Film Expo. It is available on DVD July 22. For more information, visit http://cinemalibrestudio.com/wet-behind-the-ears/index.html

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