Wedding Crashers

| July 16, 2005

My wife and I have friends that can trace the conception of their youngest daughter to our wedding day. That is just one little bit of circumstantial evidence that weddings make women horny. All that emotion flying around just gets them all ready for love.
That emotion is the background for The Wedding Crashers which stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as John Beckwith and Jeremy Klein, a pair of committed Washington D.C. womanizers who sneak into weddings to take advantage of the romantic vibrations to have their way with women. They have been following the system of Jeremy’s “retired crasher” friend Chaz who taught them all they need to know to not get caught.
But something happens when they crash the wedding of the oldest daughter of Treasury Secretary William Cleary (Christopher Walken). Beckwith falls for middle daughter Claire Cleary and needs Klein’s help to “reel her in.” They wrangle a weekend invite to the Cleary family home and things begin to fall apart.
I am ready to go either way on this movie. There were things I loved and things I hated.
In honor of weddings, let’s start with the LOVED section. I loved Vince Vaughn (Swingers, Old School, Be Cool) and Owen Wilson (Armageddon, Meet the Parents). Their patter and friendship are solid. I loved Rachel McAdams as Claire. She was amazing in The Notebook and I cannot wait to see her in Red Eye. What a smile!!!! I loved Isla Fisher (The Wannabes, Scooby-Do) as youngest Cleary sister Gloria. She is the perfect opposite for Vaughn’s Klein. There is a plot twist with her that makes the movie work wonderfully. And finally, I loved the concept. What a great idea to crash the weddings and get away with the bridesmaids. I especially loved the opening scene where Dwight Yoakam (who worked with Vaughn in South of Heaven, West of Hell) makes an uncredited cameo with Stephanie Nevin as a couple going through divorce and we watch Beckwith and Klein do their mediation magic.
OK. What I did not like about the movie.
First and foremost… Most of the best lines are in the trailer. Also, for the last 45 minutes, writers Stevet Faber and Bob Fisher forgot to add the funny. And director David Dobkin (Shanghai Nights) forgot to tell them. When Beckwith crashes and burns over not connecting with Claire, he goes into a funk that almost ruins the movie. You see, along with crashing together, these two men work together. So when Beckwith stops talking to Klein, what happens to their business? And how do they always find empty seats at the weddings? And why is that not one bride or groom has ever questioned who they were? Story wise, there were many, many little holes that continually made me stop and say “HUH?” which I hate. And the thing I hated the most… Will Ferrell appears as Chaz, the original wedding crasher who has switched his system to funerals. I am so sad that Ferrell has 6 movies in the pipeline. That means we get to see his STUPID, insipid, lame, moronic, sophomoric, horribly over the top style that was funny in Old School, but has ruined Bewitched, Kicking and Screaming, and almost Melinda and Melinda. Get a grip, Ferrell… Learn to act. In case I am not making myself clear here… You sucked in this movie.
Wedding Crashers has its moments, but like many weddings, it’s probably best left for the video.

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