Vincent N Roxxy

| May 24, 2017

Writer/director Gary Michael Schultz’ new film Vincent N Roxxy is a slow burn. It is part contemporary noir and party crime film, but it is also a drama about family.

The film begins with Vincent en route to deliver a bag of money to drug dealer Suga (Kid Cudi). He witnesses a fender bender and comes to the defense of Roxxy, nearly running over the criminal chasing her.  To escape her troubled past, Roxxy joins Vincent in the small, rural town where he grew up. the family home is now occupied by his bother, JC, who seems to have some power in the small town. At first Vincent seems satisfied with working on cars and helping build his brother’s mechanic shop. Everything moves slowly in this world, especially since it’s been so hard hit by the economy. Poverty and near-poverty are visible everywhere Vincent and Roxxy  turn. Good thing he has a bag with $80,000 in it.

But in saving the beautiful and troubled Roxxy, the lonely and rebellious Vincent has opened the door to a world of pain.  It takes a while to manifest. In the meantime Vincent seems to be hoping for a relationship to form between Roxxy and himself. It does, but it’s not an overnight moment. These two have been through too much. They aren’t sure who they can trust anymore.

Roxxy bonds with Vincent’s brother JC and stands up for herself, which in an odd way helps to make Vincent a better person. Both Vincent and we the audience are almost ready to forget his criminal past as the world seems to calm down. Then Suga and his crew catch up with them, leading to a cycle of violence and revenge that changes their world forever

Vincent N Roxxy stars Emile Hirsch as Vincent and Zoe Kravitz as Roxxy. Emory Cohen (Brooklyn) plays Vincent’s brother, JC, and Zoe Deutch (The Suite Life On Deck, Beautiful Creatures) plays his girlfriend, Kate. Other recognizable faces include Kid Cudi as Suga.

Gary Michael Schultz has done a fine job of crafting a very real world inhabited by characters with very strong convictions. Emile Hirsh’s Vincent seems almost like the adult version of the character he played in Killer Joe. Although like that film, Vincent N Roxxy carries a great deal of menace just under the surface, in less creepy ways. These could be people we know, people we bump into every day. And that makes Vincent N Roxxy that much more interesting and fun to watch. With a soundtrack by the great Questlove, and top notch performances by each of the actors, I urge you to watch for it!

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