| December 7, 2003

Vicious is the new horror film written and directed by Matt Green. MTI Home Video is releasing it. Vicious stars Special FX legend and splatter king Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, From Dusk Till Dawn) as Kane a former government operative turned modern day beast hunter. Joining Tom in Vicious are B-horror movie icon Bill Moseley (House of a 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) in a bit part playing a very tame character, Brian Bremer (Dead Birds, Good Neighbor), Melanie Parker (Quarterback Princess), and Brinke Stevens (Delta, Delta, Die, Dead Clowns).
Vicious goes something like this — a camping trip becomes a fight for survival when three friends and an annoying girlfriend encounter a mysterious stranger named Kane. Kane, a former government operative is charged with the task of containing a rogue military experiment loose in the wild. Or at least a forest preserve. Kane’s primary objective is to fire machine guns, look cool while smoking cigars and capture unsuspecting campers feeding them to a supposed ravenous beast. In the end the survivors are faced with a fight to the death with a rabid dog monster and the man who tries to control it.
Tom Savani is cool spitting out slick one liners and playing with the lives of annoyingly uninteresting campers. Throughout the film you can’t wait until the next one of them is going to die. Tom steals the show and does a lot of stunts. There’s nothing new or relatively interesting about the story and given that Tom Savini, a special FX icon was an associate producer and star of the film I really expected the CGI crew to bring in a better monster. The monster in this film is video game bad. I would have much preferred a rubber suit monster. The rest of the FX were old school and played off fine even though most were cut a- ways. Die hard Tom Savini fans should see this or if you are sitting bored at your friends house, you know the friend who still lives with his hippie parents that think it’s cool to party with you and you want to yell and throw things at the screen, then this might be your ticket. But go into it realizing that the main annoying camper in Vicious brought his girlfriend along on a camping trip that was supposed to be for the fellas. You’re going to want to kick his ass too. And I’m pretty sure he’s the kid from PumpkinHead. If that’s not true then I’m starting that rumor now.
So here’s what we’ve learned so far…Tom Savini smokes a lot of cigars and does his own stunts. Bad CGI dog monsters aren’t scary. Come on people. If it’s a guy’s camping trip then don’t bring along your girlfriend. I mean seriously. She had the nerve to tell them they couldn’t drink beer on a guys camping trip. They should have fed her to the dog monster first.

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