Turtle: The Incredible Journey

| July 5, 2011

Animals are, in most cases, far more fascinating than humans. They react to the changes in their environment by either adapting or dying out, and if they adapt, they become even more extraordinary in their ability to survive. Loggerhead turtles take unimaginably long swimming voyages throughout their entire lives to lay their eggs, and then journey back along the gulf stream to warmer waters. Baby loggerhead turtles, no bigger than the palm of a child’s hand, begin these journeys, and more than half of them die in the attempt.
Turtle: The Incredible Journey follows one such turtle on this long but never dull trip. We watch this beautiful turtle grow up into a strong and amazing adult turtle, and return to her native beach to lay her eggs. Along the way she encounters ships, oil spills, predators both large and small, pollution, long line fishermen, and winters in very cold waters. Yet she survives, both inspiring and amazing her audience.
While geared towards children, anyone who has any interest in nature, the ocean in particular, will love watching this movie. Smartly paced and stunningly photographed, it’s actually difficult to remember you’re not underwater at certain points, for you are immediately immersed in the world of the turtle, which is at times a harrowing place to be…and, at other times, is complete paradise.
This is a wonderful story, one that reminds you exactly what animals are up against in their struggle for survival.

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