Tron Legacy

| April 12, 2011

The rather recent CGI effects laden spectacle of the Avatar Age comes home. Away from the IMAX, Tron: Legacy really loses none of its awe-inspiring (and sometimes vertigo-inducing) visuals. For those expecting a DVD rendering laden with techno jargon, multiple documentaries and the like, they might be a tad disappointed to find such treasures aren’t available here.
Jeff Bridges returns to the role of Kevin Flynn, an eccentric genius whose company was responsible for the game of the 1982 effects envelope pushing Tron, and as a subversive doppleganger who has taken over the silicon chip world Flynn envisioned. Flynn’s son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) is as much of a maverick as the old man and after pushing the envelope in the real world, including a jaw-dropping stunt sequence that would give Jason Bourne and James Bond pause, Sam winds up in a familiar haunt of his father’s: a video game arcade. Within the walls of the 1980s relic, young Flynn is dispatched to the dimension of the Grid where he finds a familiar face in a techno arena pitting him against an array of adversaries.
Overseeing the games is Clu (Bridges) who is the overlord of a realm that would have been made had Bill Gates and George Lucas sought to create a world. Escaping the arena with the gamine Quorra (Olivia Wilde), Sam winds up reuniting with his long missing father Kevin Flynn. The elder Flynn it seems is biding his time teaching Quorra a thing or two about the world native to he and his son.
Blu-ray might offer up a world as amazing as anything seen in the vision of director Joseph Kosinski. But without even a commentary track, the fanboy set might be a bit disappointed. It’s predecessor no doubt was partially responsible for those who would be fanboys. Its supplemental offerings include a brief peek at an upcoming animated series which appears inspired by anime (and notes that among those providing voices are Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore and Paul Reubens); along with a pair of documentaries (Installing the cast and Visualizing Tron) with a combines running time of under a half hour. No doubt exists with this writer as talk of another big screen Tron tale will prompt yet another DVD pressing but hopefully with more goodies than are to be found in this set.

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