Tickling Leo

| September 2, 2009

An interesting movie that ultimately is unsatisfying. Daniel Sauli is Zak Pikler, a man who encounters his past in a way that greatly surprises him. His beautiful girlfriend, Delphina (the sparkling, lovely Annie Parisse) agrees to go with him to his father’s house for passover. Zak’s father, Warren Pikler (Lawrence Pressman) is an eccentric old man who likes to spend time naked and clearly can’t take care of himself anymore. Warren suffers from dementia and possibly alzheimer’s, though his son never thinks to take him to the doctor. Family cliches abound as the loud-mouthed, offensive Uncle with a Secret strolls into the story (Ronald Guttman), bringing his wife (Broadway actress Victoria Clark). Delphina is pregnant, but she manages to fast with the family. The film is a blur of dull, inconsistent scenes that ultimately lead to a confusing story about the Pikler family past. The only breath of fresh air in the movie is the appearance of the always brilliant Eli Wallach as Zak’s grandfather. One wonders where he has been the whole movie.
Maybe the greatest flaw of the movie, unfortunately, is how poorly lit every scene is. There’s no shame in a shoestring budget put to efficient, creative use. But when characters become indiscernible from one another, and chain-link fence shadows obscure facial expressions… it’s noticeable, to say the very least.
All in all… a shallow movie that misses its mark.

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