The Wahlburgers: Season 1

| July 27, 2014

Normally, I stay as far as possible from reality television series.  Why would anyone want to watch somebody else’s life unfold when you can live your own?  When I sat down to watch The Wahlburgers: Season 1, however, all of that changed.

I had heard about the restaurant and thought that I’d like to eat there someday, but that wasn’t enough to keep my interest. I enjoy watching Mark Walhburg’s films, and Donnie Wahlburg was a member of New Kids on the Block, my first boy-band, but that wasn’t enough to keep me watching.  What kept my attention was how I got to know the Wahlburgs more deeply.  Mark, Donnie and Paul Walhburg are three of the nine children born to their mother Alma.  My dad came from a family of nine children, as well, and that’s what kept me interested in the show.

The three brothers are a tight nit group.  Mark is the youngest of the bunch.  He’s strong-willed, likes to take charge and a prankster.  I’d say he’s almost to the point of bullying with his “pranks”.  He’s got an old friend called “Nacho”.  Nacho is an overweight man who will eat anything and Mark is consistently having him eat crazy things, including thick divots from a golf course.  Encouraging his friend to eat tons of junk suggests that Mark cares little for his friend’s well-being, however Mark does wind up getting a heavy-weight boxer to duke it out with Nacho in hopes to inspire him to get in shape.   Donnie likes to team up with Mark and play jokes on Paul.  Paul is very serious, not very confident and is very business-minded.  Donnie and Mark pull his leg every now and then to try to lighten him up.  At the heart of all the teasing and pranking, the Wahlburgs really love each other.

Watching The Wahlburgers on A&E is a little easier to watch than on DVD.  As the episodes roll on, thirty minutes a piece, a lot of the same footage is repeated quite often.  While watching a scripted drama or comedy television show on DVD is easy and flows well, watching a reality show is much more difficult.  It becomes much more noticeable that there is a lack of content per episode and at only nine episodes this season, there’s not much else new to see.

The Wahlburgers: Season 1 is available on DVD right now.  My recommendation is to rent the DVD if you haven’t seen it on television already–unless you are a really committed Wahlburg fan.   The new season of The Wahlburgers airs on A&E on Wednesday August 13 at 10/9c.  Don’t miss it!

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