The Truth About Angels

| October 11, 2011

The Truth About Angels, a suspense drama written and directed by Lichelli Lazar-Lea, is a Prism Awards nominee and won Best Feature at the Milan International Film Festival. The story is about Pablo (Antonio Del Prete, Mission Impossible 3), a struggling husband, father and artist feeling trapped or maybe overwhelmed with the demands of marriage and parenting. His wife (Monique Gabriela Curnen, The Dark Knight) argues that they both made a choice to start a family thus both should equally shoulder the family responsibilities. Nevertheless, Pablo takes a time out from the pressures of life by going on a boys-night-out excursion. His best pal, Kane (Simon Rex, Scary Movie 3), a rising Hollywood star, picks him up in a stretch limo and then on to scoop up Ben G (Michael Azria, Looney Tunes), Kane’s sidekick. Pablo and Kane promise not to cheat on their wives as they enter a party mansion tucked away in the winding hills of California. Everyone in the party is young, fabulous and under the influence. Groupies, junkies, wannabes, and the star-struck keep the party interesting. When Pablo orders a drink and begins to ask too many questions, the bartender sharply indicates that the party staff have all signed NDAs (Nondisclosure/Confidentiality Agreements) so mum’s the word to any of Pablo’s inquiries.
Pablo is captivated by Kristi (Dree Hemingway, Gucci model and great granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway), who appears innocent and out of place and at some point gets totally wasted. Kristi is so wasted that she passes out. Ben G is conveniently available to take Kristi to a bathroom and rape her. Pablo’s sixth sense or fatherly instincts tells him that Kristi is in trouble but when he finds Ben G, it’s too late. Pablo punches Ben G in the face but Ben G rattles back that Kristi is a MySpace slut and is only seventeen. While Kristi is unconscious, Pablo tries to do the honorable thing by taking off his jacket and covering her body. Pablo finds Kane and mentions he wants to take Kristi in the limo to the hospital. Whoa horsie! Kane wants no part in the valiant rescue. Kane goes into self-preservation mode and declares to Pablo that his acting career would be jeopardized for being associated with a party that went sour. Kane also reminds Pablo that Pablo’s fingerprints are over Kristi’s body, that Pablo was the last to be seen with Kristi, and Pablo’s wife would not understand any noble explanation. There is an unsettling end to cover up Kristi’s death. Pablo returns to his modest life but is shocked by the recent chain of events. The Truth About Angels is edgy and brutally candid about human indulgence. Although anything goes in the party world, Lichelli Lazar-Lea subtly brings out the indifference and numbness towards human life when inhibitions are far gone. The entire cast showed promising acting abilities thereby lending the film to be provocative and alluring.

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