The Slumber Party Massacre Collection

| October 6, 2010

So, you know the drill here. We’re all horror nerds and we’ve seen the Slumber Party flicks during our get-to-know-the-classics phase. But now’s your chance to experience all the blood shed and shredded nighties once again, all together in one deluxe package.
It’s been a while since I visited TSPM. I remember being somewhat underwhelmed the first time I watched it. Being a horror nut, I enjoyed it, but it sure was no Halloween! The feminist angle was above my head, too. I was a kid wit h a Betamax machine, looking for blood and guts and girls. That’s all. Now, as an adult, I can look at these movies with a more experienced eye. As a result, I had a lot more fun, mainly with the first and original Slumber Party Massacre.
Had I been aware that TSPM was written by a renowned feminist writer Rita Mae Brown, I probably would’ve laughed it off. Being young and naive, I would have surely found fault with the idea once I saw the girls in the shower. The lingering shots of boobs and bums would’ve been just pure eye candy for me. “Boob shots! This is feminism? Give me a break!!” Oh to be young and ignorant… and horny.
The obvious satire is present throughout: girls taking the male dominated roles of athlete, the boys who act more like prissy girls, the handy-lady who does all the manly repairs. But, I wanna get back to that shower scene and take a closer look. (Yeah, no kidding?) Watching it after twenty years, I had the same thought — wow! But then, the longer the camera lingered, I began to wonder Just how is this feminism? And where can I see more feminist horror! And then there comes that loooong, lingering pan up the backside of one of the female athletes. And that’s when I got it! The director Amy Jones is delivering just what the horndog doctor ordered, a full dose of female skin… and then some. The camera lingers so long on the pretty derriere that it becomes obvious that I’m staring. It’s not a comfort issue, but I certainly felt a little lecherous, and I think that’s what Jones was going for. It’s as if she’s demonstrating how silly it is to be wrapped up in the vision of all these naughty bits. It’s a nice little tongue in cheek moment.
This new package by Shout! Factory is worth it just to have the original Slumber Party, but also because of the terrific 3 part documentary Sleepless Nights: Revisiting the Slumber Party Massacres. For fans of the series, it’s a great look back at the films from the filmmakers and the players.
A Shout! Factory release.

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