The Ring 2

| March 14, 2005

Naomi Watts and David Dorfman the creepy looking kid return in the American sequel to The Ring, ingeniously titled The Ring 2. As it is common for most sequels, especially in the horror genre to fail to achieve the greatness of its predecessor, The Ring 2 will also fall into said category. Not without its charm, Ring 2 picks up right where the first left off. Another mysterious black tape is discovered and destroyed by Rachel (Watts) in order to protect her son Aidan (Dorfman), only the evil of the tape is released, literally and the long haired, bastard child Samara returns and attempts to posses young Aidan. Talk about a sex change.
The sequel follows the exact same formula as the first and even most of the same plot. The film does a good job of building suspense and tension and provides 2 or 3 really good scares. It was nice to see the original director of Ringu and Ringu 2, Hideo Nakata take the leadership of this film. His influence shows the most in the beautiful photography. Sissy Spacek makes a nice appearance as Samara’s crazy mother. But I’ll tell you what I missed was the actual girl, Daveigh Chase, who played Samara in the first American version of the Ring. Her ghost looked pretty CGI throughout the film, but still provided enough creepiness to keep the audience on edge. I felt the third act was a bit anti-climatic but no doubt The Ring 2 provides enough scares to satisfy most horror fans. Not disappointing but not as good as the first Ring. For those of you who love the current trend of Asian inspired American cinema, check out Oldboy coming to some theatres very soon and give some actual Asian cinema a chance, subtitles are okay sometimes.
So here’s what we’ve learned so far – stay away from wells, water and unmarked black tapes. If you close your eyes are you watching the tape? Is Samara cousin IT? David Dorfman, who played Aidan, looks ten going on forty; somebody get that kid some toys and a happy meal. And when are we going to see the American version of Suicide Club?

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